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Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich Bento

I’m so behind on blogging now, but the good part of that is I don’t have to stress so much about having pictures. I just have to find time to process them and write a quick post! When I have nothing queued up, it’s so much stress.

I made this lunch for Mikia last week, and when she got home, she told me the sandwich was really good. I used cold sliced Costco rotisserie chicken, La Brea wheat bread, and provolone cheese.

When packing sandwiches, I’ve found that using sandwich paper is a good idea, simply because it can be hard to 1) pack cut sandwiches in a tight space and 2) it’s hard to get them out to eat! I bought this pack of sandwich paper quite a while ago, and it’s lasted me a long time. If it’s too big, I simply fold it and tear it with a knife. There are cute newspaper prints available too.

I bought the bread at Safeway on a whim, and it’s super yummy. I’ve been enjoying sandwiches and toast with it for the last week. She said it was a tasty bread too.

Halloween soon! I’ve got a preliminary menu settled, and of course, it’s way too much. So now I have to pare it down because I currently have… five desserts written down. Oops!