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Teriyaki Hamburger Bento

My photos today came out terrible. -_- I don’t know why but my camera just would not focus properly and I was in a frantic rush because once again I did not make my bento last night like I should have. My aunty commented yesterday that my portions looked huge in some pics and though these bento boxes are actually quite small, she was right about the fried rice portion. I’d had no idea I packed so much in that one box! I ended up only eating half of it and took the rest home for today’s bento. I chose my new banana putifresh box and the veggies in the rice had taken on a rather drab color, so I added some carrot flowers.


See what I mean about the picture? I can’t stand it!! Grr. Must read camera manual… if I can find it. Feba commented that I should get a lighting box, what is that?? Anyway, here is the other layer:


The tamagoyaki is actually why I was so late. Now I know to cook all my bentos the night before! It’s just too stressful in the morning right now!! It was a little rough making the egg because I’d only done it once before and I hadn’t done it with my tamagoyaki pan before. (rectangle shape) There are 1.99 pans at Marukai, but the pan I have looks of much higher quality and cost me $25.00 at Shirokiya. The egg wasn’t folding too well, but it could be due to using egg substitute rather than real eggs. But my eggs were expired, so I had no choice. The meatballs are actually a teri hamburger patty from MIL’s dinner last night cut into small pieces. I stuck in some of my Hello Kitty food picks, which cost me the equivalent of an arm and a leg at Sanrio. >.< I added in a chick soy sauce bottle for the fried rice and another carrot flower for color. Notice the yellow sushi grass? I love it! ^_^

This was only one patty and so I’m counting it as 1 point due to the mostly core ingredients. The only thing in it of concern is the whole wheat bread and though the amount is really small, I feel kinda weird calling it Core, thus the point. The tamagoyaki had 2 tsp of sugar in it, but since 2 tsp of sugar counts as .5 points and I only packed 1/4 of the egg that I cooked, I’m not going to count any points for it.