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Curry Croquette Bento

My husband has expressed distate at being referred to as “Mr. Pikko” so for today I will refer to him as Pokko, which was the name of his character back when he played FFXI with me. After this, I’ll switch back to Mr. Pikko just to be evil. *snicker* Anyway, Pokko received his call for new season tickets today and he managed to get us the amount of tickets we wanted, though not in the section he’d been told by another lady. We’ll probably go buy them later this week and once we do, guess what that means?!? Solid excuses to make football game bentos for the entire UH home football season of twelve weeks! Not thirteen! *cough* hermanfraizersuxass *cough*

Two days ago my latest bento treasure arrived from Japan. I got this beauty for a very reasonable $5.00 plus combined shipping with another box I will use soon. Isn’t it wonderful!??! I do believe this is the nicest one I have now.


Inside I have pan fried asparagus on one end, then a curry croquette sliced in half and laid next to some brown/white rice. I have no idea what the croquette will taste like, but it’s only 2 points, which I felt was a great deal for something so big.

I fried it in the leftover oil from the asparagus so there are little flecks of very tasty burnt garlic on it.


Not only was this awesomest box pretty, but it came with a matching bag!

Today I was supposed to be on a plane to Los Angeles to attend the Anime Expo 2007 but instead I am here at home. The trip had to be canceled due to another engagement I have to take care of. I’m bummed, but I’ve been promised some of the loot from AX so it’s not a total loss! And as a bonus I was 128.6 yesterday morning!