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Carrot Confetti Curry Bento (292)

We took Buddy to get his annual checkup today and being the rascal that he is, he bombed all of the doctor’s questions on purpose just to get frustrated looks from Mommy and Daddy.

“Are you a boy or a girl?”

“…GIRL! (heehee)”

“How old are you?”


“What is your name?”


We took him to get breakfast after that and he answered all of them perfectly… Boys are such rascals.

Today I have S&B Golden Curry Sauce With Vegetables except the one that I used is “medium”. It’s kinda boring looking, so I thought I’d use one of my little baby food cutters to make little carrot confetti hearts. I boiled a few of my thicker baby carrots for about 5 minutes and then sliced them and used the cutter. The bottom parts were a bit fuzzy, so I had to make sure I had them turned the right way in order for them to look good.

Carrot Confetti Curry Bento

I had some rather… prehistoric curry croquette sitting in my freezer and it had a lot of ice on it, so I thought maybe I could put them in the toaster oven to bake them instead of fry them and waste a lot of oil. The end result was some rather dry and unevenly browned croquette. I cut them in half to fit into the side of the box. The part with the curry is lined with foil on the bottom to prevent leakage to the other side.

I used my spiffy new cast iron pan this morning to fry eggs and HOLY MOTHER OF CHICKENS this thing actually allowed me to cook a really beautiful mini omelet for my ham and egg english muffin. I must try tamagoyaki to see if that works. Sadly, I didn’t eat the muffin I made because as I mentioned, we took Buddy to eat. We went to breakfast at Zippy’s and they had a sign up for their new Breakfast Bento.

At first, I didn’t think the furikake rice fit at all for breakfast, but since I ate the corned beef and egg separately and then tackled the spam, that actually turned out pretty good. I ate the outskirts rice that didn’t get furikake together with the hash, which was really good! The only thing I didn’t care for was the takuan. It wasn’t crunchy and I didn’t like the taste. Plus, it had been sitting on the rice. I hate warm takuan!