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Somen, Miso, Chacha Rice Bento

I woke up this morning and my nose is still running and now my throat is scratchy. I can feel a phlegmy cough coming and I can NOT get sick now so I upgraded myself to DEFCON 1 and have prepared various foods today to defend myself against my enemy. It’s a Cold War in House of Pikko!


I made miso soup with tofu for breakfast and packed the rest of it for lunch. To eat with the soup, I packed some of my rainbow somen noodles. These noodles are cute, but there aren’t really that much colored noodles so it’s disproportionately white if I don’t cook a whole lot. On that note, I’ll have to email my mom and ask for her somen salad dressing, it’s win! Added some cucumber kim chee since it’s salty and may help.


In my bottom layer I have plain rice and ume. I’ll eat the ume with some of the rice first and then make the tea and add the ochazuke mix. When I was a kid we called it “chacha rice” and it was a great comfort food when sick. I didn’t think to bring the camera to show what it looks like once I open it, but it’s flavoring, little strips of nori, and little cracker sticks. The tea is my favorite type of tea, brown rice tea.


Last of all I have some honey lemon peel that my mom made for me a couple years ago. It’s been sitting in the back of my fridge all this time and the years have made it taste a lot better than it did when she first gave it to me. She had these lemon peels soaking in a jar in the yard for what must have been 5 or 6 years and they were still pretty bitter. Now that they’ve been drowning in honey all this time, it tastes perfect. Also, she says it’s great for just adding to a cup of hot water to drink.

All of these things should help me get better. Hopefully I can nix this cough before next week or even better, by tomorrow as we’re having a UFC 73 party at our house. No kids this time too, woot! Weight was 129.5 this morning.