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Ige’s Shoyu Pork Bento (147)

I had another training session this morning and during that I found my first ever white hair!!! Proof that Fan Fest, The Mog House, and bento store orders are totally stressing me out!! lol I’m actually a little excited about it because I could only find one, so I’m going to call it my lucky hair now.

Last night my in-laws bought food from Ige’s, something that Mr. Pikko has been wanting to try for forever because Bobby Curran on ESPN advertises their shoyu pork all the time. The taste is really good, but the food wasn’t that hot when we got there, so it was a little on the hard side. I’m sure if you eat it at the restaurant it’s much softer.

To go with it I made two little animal onigiris, one rabbit and one bear. On the side are fresh tomatoes from my plants outside.

For my bottom layer I have persimmon and some jabon along with a tangerine to snack on later. Actually I should speak in past tense because I’ve already eaten all of these things as I type this. In addition to the training I had another job interview and guess what.

Mrs. Pikko has a brand spanking new job offer!!! 😀 I got along fabulously with the boss lady and she offered me the position right there. I of course had to discuss things with Mr. Pikko so I will let her know by Tuesday. YaY! I’m so happy because it looks like a really fun place to work with great people and lots to do. Family friendly, flexible schedule, and of course most importantly, a boss who LOVES UH football just as much as I do. LOL!

Gawd that stress off my shoulders is an immense relief. -_- Now I can buckle down, get this festival and expansion past me, and life can finally get back to normal.