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The ending of the first quarter at Saturday’s game had us all stunned. We sat there in muted horror, unable to grasp what was going on. DOWN 21 to nothing? Was the scoreboard wrong? WERE THE WHITE JERSEYS A JINX??!?!?! (I seriously thought this at least 50 times)

And it rained. It was as if Hawaii was weeping and we were all bathed in its tears. We couldn’t seem to get the ball past the 50 yard line. I took Buddy walking down to the other side and I talked him through the next drive. Colt will pass and the ball will go there. It happened. Again and again Buddy and I walked down and I whispered in his ear each time where the ball would go and that this was the drive we’d finally score on. And we did! He got a real kick out of me screaming and hoisting him up. He’d grin ear to ear and laugh and laugh and laugh.

It was truly a wonderful and memorable experience. I’ll carry the memories of that game with me forever, just as I still carry the memories of that last catch of the Fresno State game years ago. When we scored to finally bring ourselves up we were screaming so much and so excited. Then to see the Huskies down at their own 4 yard line… it was too much. The thought of having to suffer through overtime was horrible!! Everyone was screaming “DEFENSE” but I was screaming, “PLEEEEEASE!” I really thought they caught that last pass, then to see it just bounce out of his arms and into the hands of Mouton… I thought I was dreaming.

Pikko Baby Girl

I know the black oval over her eyes is creepy, but Mr. Pikko is a privacy stickler. Just pretend they’re sunglasses!

The kids were a real handful at this game and the monster sized Disneyland lollipop I bought for Baby Girl reeeeally came in handy, but we know that 10, 15 years from now our kids can happily say they attended that football game. And we have proof too! We watched the ESPN broadcast later and we’re in a crowd shot at the end of the game. YaY! I look grouchy, but this is due to having to carry Baby Girl for almost the entire 4th quarter. That will make any person sour, trust me.

And the Warriors are bound for the SUGAR BOWL!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! GO WARRIORS!!!!

My mom came over to attend the game with my brother and they were in yellow CC, which I think was a good view even if they were in the nosebleeds. She dragged my brother down to Chinatown to get some char siu and spare ribs from her favorite place for Chinese food, Nam Fong. If you’ve never been to Nam Fong it’s a little shocking at first. It’s a really gross, bare place and the guy just takes it off the hook in the window and chops it for you right there. The char siu is SO good tho, I tend to nibble on the way home and that’s a bad idea. It’s possible to just stand at the container and just eat and eat. Anyway, I have some for lunch!

Char Siu Bento

I have with it a flower shaped onigiri with ume in the middle, then a small piece of corn, char siu, spare ribs, and some sakura carrots. And in case anyone is still curious about my weight, I’m still maintaining at 127! 😀