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Veggie Burger Bento

My bento today is a vegetarian bento because I had no idea what else to use. I have a veggie pattie from Costco cut into fourths along with a slice of whole wheat bread cut into fourths to make a nice sandwich. In the yellow container I have ketchup for the sammies.

Veggie Burger Bento

On the side I have two silicone cups filled with edamame on one side and fresh raspberries on the other.

2008 has been a pretty crappy year so far, starting with emotional carry-over from 2007 then going into the UH slaughter at the All-State Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, then heading right into heated debate about whether the UH Warriors football coach, June Jones, would be leaving the school.

This morning when we woke up and checked the Honolulu Advertiser they were reporting the worst, that sources had said that Coach Jones was leaving. As the morning progresses it just gets worse and worse. First, people maintain that it could still reverse and go in our favor, but then we get confirmation from his agent that he is indeed leaving and that he’s taking almost the entire mofakin’ coaching staff along with him.

I’m extremely disgusted with the University administration. I’m a UH drone to be sure, but even so you still hold out hope that the people making 10x as much as you have some, you know, BRAINS MAYBE?!? I’m leaving for a rally soon and I don’t know what it’s going to be about now since previously it was supposed to be a supportive rally to get the coach to stay. Now I just hope it’s a head hunting riot that will wake the University up to the pitiful state that it has left this school in and that in the end we get rid of that immensely incompetant and seemingly completely uncaring athletic director we have had to suffer with named Herman Fraizer.

I’d write more, but have to leave for the rally now. Maybe I can get on the news!! lol