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15 Has Landed in My Bento (329)

LOST is back tonight, which means all is right with the world. While I am a LOST fan, I am not a rabid fan that knows everything. Usually when I’m planning one of these I try to think about what this week’s episode will be about. While the previews show five of the Oceanic Six back on the island and being re-introduced to the island’s plot, the episode is called Namaste. This word of course brings to mind the Dharma Initiative, so I figured I’d better do something Dharma related. If tonight’s episode has basically nothing to do with answering Dharma questions, like I said, I don’t know everything!

Which is REALLY freaky since suddenly out of nowhere while I’m doing my bentorial this morning some white thing dropped from the ceiling and suddenly there was this freaking rabbit onigiri in my bento box with the number 15 on him!! ***PANIC***

Dharma Bunny Bento

I’m kidding of course. My little tall tale about the time traveling bunny onigiri comes from this video that was released at Comic Con 2007.

I’d thought about using the number 8 bunny that Sawyer was tricked into thinking was vital to his survival with the Others, but then I remembered this video and decided that 15 was a better fit for my theme today.

My lettuce lining steps are getting kinda redundant, so I’m thinking of leaving them out from now on. In step two, I added the rice bunny, which I shaped by hand on some plastic wrap. Last night we had corned beef brisket, so I added three pieces of that. You can obviously use any meat of your choice to go here. I forgot to take potatoes, but a mashed potato bunny wouldn’t have come out as nice anyway.

In step four, I added some broccoli, sugar snap peas, and a cherry tomato. Next, I added a slice of orange for color, a lady apple, and half a strawberry. For the last step I added hand cut nori numbers for the 15, some parsley to fill holes, two cantaloupe flowers, a fish sausage ear, and a red shiso leaf for my convertable salad. The red shiso leaf is SO delicious, I loved it on my lettuce so much that I’ve got to include that somehow whenever I can.

After this was all done I added the printed Dharma Initiative sign, which I taped onto two toothpicks. It’s the sign that used to be on the dock and the one that Ben saw when he first came to live on the island. I suppose that’s kind of a cop-out to use that big thing, but I was happy enough with the bunny. His eye was creepy though, so I removed that. Happy Lost viewing, everyone!

To share a rather embarrassing story, this morning when we took Buddy to school, Mr. Pikko stayed in the car while I took him in. He was parked by a wall which has a residence on the other side. When I came back out, I was walking behind the car and I thought I could see him looking at me in the rear view mirror, so I put my fingers up to my head and made a devil face just like Elaine did when Puddy realized she stole his Jesus fish.

Mr. Pikko did not see me making my idiot face, but there was a man standing behind the stone wall and he was just tall enough to see over the wall. Not really noticing Mr. Pikko in the car, the man only saw me and I can only assume he thinks I’m some psycho lady making a devil face at him. I didn’t realize this until he began walking along the wall, staring at me with “What the hell” eyes the whole way. I was so mortified I didn’t even think to say, “Oh, I was making that face at my husband!”

What would you think if you saw some random lady make that face “at you”?? “Psycho Bentoer, quest que cest…”