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Gyoza Bento (175)

I don’t really have a full fledged bento today as I ran out of time in the morning and decided to buy lunch at the little shop in my building at work. They usually always have spaghetti and pasta sounds like a good thing to eat today. I’ll probably microwave it though, as I like to have my food on the verge of singing the skin off my mouth.

Gyoza Bento

I made 3 pork gyozas with furikake rice for a little “filler” bento today. I desperately need to go to the market as I have basically no fruits and just carrots and bell peppers for veggies. I need lettuce (I’d have put some under the gyoza), parsley, broccoli, berries, and maybe some shrimp.

Usually what I do for the lettuce is buy romaine lettuce. The inner, lighter colored leaves taste better, so I use those for salad. The more bitter outer leaves I keep to line my bentos. This works out really well as I don’t like to eat them, but I don’t waste them either! They make great liners for bento boxes and add so much flair to a lunch. 🙂

The Mog House went well yesterday, especially since it was Superbowl Sunday! I have to admit, I was really disappointed in the commercials. Other than the E-Trade baby ones, I didn’t really like any of the others. Some made me laugh, but they were only marginally funny imo. I didn’t really care who won since I don’t follow pro football anymore, but I’m sure once Colt is drafted, I’ll have more interest then. 😀