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Frosty Burger Bento (539)

The other day, Buddy was playing a Caillou cooking game on PBS Kids where he had to pick out ingredients from around the kitchen to make the recipe. The last ingredient had to be chosen by me to be completed and then Caillou’s grandma (I think) would mix it up and out would pop the food. You could then print out the recipe and make it for real. Well, he was “making” burgers with Caillou when he started asking me if I could make what he was making for dinner. Burgers sounded good, so I went to the market yesterday and bought all the stuff needed for burgers.

Frosty Burger Bento

Since we had one patty left over, I thought this would be a great time to finally use the bagel box I got from J-List a while back. Sadly, they seem to be out of stock at the moment. The way this photo is arranged is a bit misleading, as I have the whole burger placed into the bottom bowl. CasaBento has these in stock with photos, so you can head there to see the four parts of this unique bento box.

The photo provided by the manufacturer is a bit confusing, as there’s no way to store soup in the bottom brown cover while putting food in the white inner bowl, which fits right into the brown bowl. I’m assuming that what you’re supposed to do is bring soup in a thermos and simply use the cover as a bowl to eat.

I had initially thought that I could just omit the middle white cover and place the whole burger into the container, but the cover would not snap on properly, so I had to re-pack the whole thing after. I ended up putting boiled egg whites into the little container, which is what Frosty is made out of. I sliced egg whites for his body and attached circles of nori for his buttons.


For his face, more nori. His hat is a little hat food pick and his arms are little bone food picks. I made his nose by peeling down the point of a thin carrot and poked it in. He looks happy, like he wants to give you a nice ice hug.

Happy Friday everyone, hope you have a nice weekend!