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Grandma Moo Fried Rice Bento (253)

When I was growing up I had two grandmas: Grandma and Grandma Kodani. When I gave birth, suddenly my mom was Grandma J and my mother in law was Grandma J too and then there was Mr. Pikko’s Grandma Nachan too and we could no longer call my Grandma just Grandma. Thus was born Grandma “Moo”, which is quite possibly spelled “Mu”, but I’m not sure. It’s taken from her name. Cute too, huh?

Anyway, I used to sleep at Grandma Moo’s house a lot and she’d have to wake me up a dozen times for school before I actually got out of bed. By the time I managed to zombie out of the bedroom, she’d usually made some kind of weird fried rice made out of whatever she could find in the fridge or freezer. Sometimes I had bologna and peas fried rice, sometimes it was bacon and carrots fried rice, sometimes it was spam and corn fried rice. Oddly enough, whatever she happened to throw in, it tasted really damn good. She’d put it in a recycled cottage cheese container, shove a spoon in, then make me eat it in the car because by then me and my brother had both made us so late that we had no time to eat at home.

Grandma Mu Fried Rice Bento

Today I didn’t know what to make, so I chopped up some Costco chicken to make my usual Costco fried rice which is basically just chicken, rice, and furikake. Then I boiled the last of my bunch of choi sum, then decided that was way too boring and chopped that up and threw it in too. Then the eggplant flowers I’d planned on frying and putting who the heck knows where in my bento got tossed in too.

This resulted in Fried Rice a la Grandma Moo. I went a little flower crazy and put in Okinawan sweet potato flowers and kiwi flowers too. I made too much so I ate some for breakfast. It didn’t taste quite as good as hers used to be, but it tasted good. I just discovered over the weekend that Baby Girl and Buddy love bologna, so maybe I’ll have to go buy some frozen peas and make them some bologna and peas fried rice for breakfast!