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Football Bento (254)

There was a bit of exciting new in Final Fantasy today. Fan Festival 2008! Woo! This year’s festival will be held in Hollywood, CA in the early part of December. Needless to say, I reeeeally want to go! I say it’s fate that I go too. Just by chance I go to the festival site to look up something and voila, a new splash page announcing that there will be one this year, despite discussion that it was too last minute for 2008 already.

Yesterday we ate beef cutlet for lunch and I kept trying to think of what I could possibly make out of it that I hadn’t already done before. This morning I looked through my big bag of assorted cookie cutters and my eyes fell on the football and it was then that I knew what I had to do! Since I couldn’t actually use the plastic cutter to cut the meat, I simply placed it on top and cut around it with a knife.

I cut up little strips of swiss cheese for the ball laces. There are the spare pieces of cutlet on the bottom, then green beans on top to make like a football field, then on the rice I put a cut out of the University of Hawaii H logo. When I heated this up today some people in the office yelled over to me that I had a really great smelling football. ^_^

More doom and gloom has arrived in the economic news, which has lit a match under my butt to get my food storage stuff done. I called all around town for food buckets today and got a lot of “food buckets? for what?” responses. WELL GOLLEE GEE, FOR FOOD MAYBE? Finally I called a bakery and they said they’ll sell em to me for $1.25 each. That’s my kinda price!

I’ve ordered things online and have heirloom seeds ready for when I’ve actually learned how to grow something successfully. I estimate this makes me about 10% ready for some kind of disaster. Not good! And I have a nutrition test on Thursday, ack!