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Teriyaki Beef (260)

I made a cute little bento and all, but then my co-workers had to go and ask me if I was interested in walking up to Asia Manoa for some Chinese food. So of course, even though yesterday’s teriyaki beef sounded really good, suddenly it didn’t and my nose was imagining the smells of beef broccoli and chow mein and all those wonderfully yummy things you eat when you eat Chinese.

Now my bento is sitting in the office fridge sulking. I’ll eat it tomorrow of course, but I know it’s mad at me. I’ll do some kind of fruit bento tomorrow maybe. Or maybe I’ll pack a lunch for Mr. Pikko! I bought him a “manly” bento box when we went up to LA during the summer and I haven’t used it yet. He eats the polar opposite of me, like once a day, sometimes two. For instance, lunch today is a bag of grapes. ?!?!? That’s nice and all, but then he eats dinner until he’s 8 months pregnant. We all know this is a big diet no-no! Blogging about him is a no-no too, so I’m probably busted.^_-

Today’s lunch-for-tomorrow has rice with ume, strips of teriyaki beef, choi sum, shredded bell peppers, and a small container of potato salad. The food picks serve no purpose but to smile at you and make you think “Awww!”

Today’s box for sale is one I’ve posted before.

Three bucks for this one! It’s a great little box by Skater that closes up nice and tight. Sorry for not posting today’s lunch in my own box of this style, but I had a brain fart.