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Turkey Sammie (266)

Grandma J gave me some turkey cold cuts she wasn’t going to use so I decided to eat up the last of our bread and use the cold cuts up today. I started off thinking I’d make a bunny shaped sandwich and a birdie shaped sandwich but it ended up being way too small for a big sandwich like this. Instead, I used the birds and bunnies and made shaped toast for the kids, which was a big hit with them.

The other half of the sandwich is underneath the top half you see in the picture. It’s got turkey, tomato, lettuce, fresh basil from my plants outside, avocado, and honey oat bread. In the bottom layer I put some strawberries and a cut up kiwi.

Susan Yuen was on KHON the other day and my co-worker got all huffy at me for not being the one to do this first. I contacted the same publisher of her book about doing an adult book and they replied back pretty fast, so now I just have to actually make the bentos and take new pictures (with my new camera!) and write it up. Wish me luck on getting it done!

I voted early today at the Campus Center at UH Manoa. It was the first time I’d done actual in-person voting. I thought it was pretty cool. I’m glad to have it done with!