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Fish Jun Bento (294)

Don’t forget to enter my 200k Bento Contest! Readers have assured me I can stop panicking about entries, but I still need to plug it every day. 🙂

Today I am having fish jun from Waimalu Market, which is a Korean supermarket at Waimalu Shopping Center. My brother in law went shopping and bought some along with some kim bap, which is Korean sushi. When I first came to Oahu I had meat jun for the first time at a Kim Chee II in Kaimuki. I couldn’t believe that I’d never heard of or tasted this miraculous meal before! Then, to my utter disbelief, I found out that it’s actually a Hawaii-Korean food. For years, I had thought meat jun was from, well, Korea. I’ve never actually made the stuff myself, but will definitely try it soon. It’s marinated beef fried in an egg batter and dipped in a sauce, which is sometimes sour, sweet, or bbqish depending where you eat it. Fish jun is simply fish fried in the egg batter.


I’ve only had fish jun once or twice before, but it looked so good yesterday that I just had to take some for lunch.

I have rice on the side with Katsuo Mirin furikake. There are two fish jun filets cut in half in this box. Next to that I have two pieces of kim bap and a piggie sauce bottle with the fish jun sauce. In the other layer I have cucumber kim chee, baby carrots, more of my tamagoyaki from yesterday, and half a tangelo. If you look closely, you can even see two little sugar snap peas from my garden! Woohoo! I have one plant left alive and it’s been giving me peas now and then. I really should plant more!

I think two days passing by is enough time to assume that everyone who watches LOST has seen it by now, so now I can proceed with some spoiler talk. Those who know me better can just leave thoughts of “Or you just forgot to blog about it yesterday…” to yourself!

Mr. Pikko, ever pessimistic about shows I like and “force” him at gunpoint to watch, did not like the premiere. On the other hand, I thought it was awesome. I loved the fact that they brought some old characters back for a quick fling. How cool must that be for those actors?

“Hey, we need you to appear for about 1 minute in an episode, so can we fly you out to Hawaii for like a week to film?”

Anyway, I was happy mostly because the old “game” I used to love playing was back in full swing. Living on Oahu, you find that you pay a lot of attention to the places that show up in the background. It’s so unbelievably fun to watch Sun bitch out her mother near the Ala Wai Canal or see Locke running through the Iwilei Costco parking lot searching for his mom or like last night, seeing a very popular local drive-in featured. Rainbow Drive-In, where Hurley and Sayid stop to get food, does exist in the real world. It’s right on Kapahulu Drive near the zoo. I’ve been told by many to eat their macaroni salad, but ever since I read that the calorie content of a scoop of mac salad is almost as much as a whole plate lunch, I just can’t do it.

When Ana Lucia pulls Hurley over, you can see a sign for Windward Auto in the background. Kate’s house has a rather Hawaii-ish ceiling look to it. The hotel that Kate goes to visit Sun at is the Sheraton Waikiki, where my brother works. I recognized the elevator area. It’s funny because the area she and Aaron were standing in to get in was actually one of the floors, not the ground lobby. I suppose a floor lobby looked more generic than the regular lobby.

There were a lot of good lines, but I think my favorite was when a rather alarmed and terrified Locke asks Richard Alpert what he just handed to him and what it does, to which he replies, “It’s a compass, John. It points north.” I just loved that, but then I have an odd sense of humor. I think another was Hurley’s mom yelling, “WHY IS THERE A DEAD PAKISTANI ON MY COUCH?”

Now that both Lost and Battlestar Galactica are back, the TV grind is also back. Woohoo!