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Farewell, Old Girl

Last night I mapped out two truly epic looking Battlestar Galactica bentos, but I encountered so many snags along the way to the greatness of these bentos that it just never happened and the result is that I have just one crappy bento with a rice Galactica and no emblems.


Today is just not a fun day for me. Not only has my Galactica vs. Cylon Base Ship vision not come to reality, but I totally missed out on a chance to be an extra on Lost. And if you think this is like some little disappointment where I missed another open casting call, think again. I was actually on the phone with one of the casting directors and her words are still ringing on my head. “If you had called two days ago, you’d be on.”

Let’s go back, shall we?


At the end of February, I found a blog post with a casting address for extras. The date was the day I was looking at the blog post so I was like, “SWEET! This is meant to be!” It took me like 3 weeks to finally remember to write up a letter with my stats and print some photos of myself, but on Tuesday night I finally did. Then when I went back to that blog, I noticed the URL said it was actually a post from 2007. I found an email address and took a shot in the dark, asking if the address was still valid. On a whim I just attached my pictures and letter.

The casting director called me the next day, only my phone wasn’t on because it was dead. Thinking I wouldn’t get a call so fast and almost certain that nothing would come of it since I read you’re not supposed to email casting directors, I really wasn’t thinking. Finally last night I plugged my phone in again and lo and behold there was that voicemail. I called them up this morning and to my complete and utter disappointment, all the slots for women were filled.

They’d wanted me to be available for filming as a background actor in a scene next week. Apparently when people don’t call back, they keep calling until they fill all the slots. I called back too late.


The end result is that I’ve been put on a back-up list. If someone can’t make it or some other thing happens where they need more women, I’ll be getting a call on Monday. I was asked for wardrobe stats, information on my car model and color, and told that I’d have to bring my SSN card, passport, and driver’s license to get on the set because of tight security. That passport I got for applying for Survivor has come in handy! Or at least, I hope it will. Talk about a Lost fangirl’s nightmare. I can still hear her voice.

“Do you not check your voicemail that often?”


Anyway, having listened to that voicemail last night got me all flustered and then things really started to snowball with the Galactica bento. First of all, I’d dragged the kidlets to Don Quijote to pick up the sesame seed grinder that they’d put on hold for me. Only when I got home, the stupid thing didn’t work, presumably because it’s not even a sesame seed grinder. Being completely in Japanese, I have no idea what it is. No biggie, I could grind sesame seeds manually, right?

Only my sesame seeds were full of moths. GROSS!! I asked Mr. Pikko, who was working really late, to stop at a store to pick some up for me. Unfortunately, Longs did not carry roasted sesame seeds and the markets were closed by then. I sat there wondering what the hell else I could use to dye my rice gray and finally decided to finely cut up some nori. And I do mean FINE. If you look at the rice, you can see that I cut it into 1mm strips and then into tiny, tiny squares. Eventually I had enough to make the rice somewhat gray. By then I’d lost momentum and it was already 1 am, so I went to bed.

My sketches had two large bentos, one with the Galactica and the other with a Cylon Base Ship, with little vipers and raiders heading out towards each other. But when I was looking through my bento boxes, I remembered that I had wanted to use the box with the corners sliced off, which would nicely resemble the way everything in BSG has the corners cut off. Since I was all nerves waiting to call the casting director back, I just made my rice Galactica (which was pretty easy) and plopped it in for a real half assed bento. I had meant to have nori stripes on the side and the red stripe at the top of the ship and a cutout of the logo, flags of the 13 cylons, etc.

My apologies to the old girl for such a sad Pikko sendoff. I will hopefully be able to make my sketched version a reality another time. I’m very disappointed in the way that they’ve filmed the final episodes. To me the season started out as a fireball of excitement and I couldn’t WAIT until Fridays to watch. Then it just lost the momentum and now I know that if I see more flashbacks to Caprica I’ll flip out. Who cares??? I want to know if Starbuck is Daniel! I want to know when Baltar is going to just grow some balls and stop having that stupid “Omigod, wuddu I do?” look on his face all the time. I want to know whether Anders is going to be a hybrid for the rest of his life, leaving Kara available for some Lee-humping. I want to know if Athena will get to kick Boomer’s ass. I want to know why Starbuck is the Harbinger of Death. I want to know what happens to Hera. I want to see Adama fly the Galactica up Cavil’s ass in a final blaze of glory!

Oh wait, that’s probably going to happen. Yay!

By the way, clue to Sci-Fi, your new “SyFy” name is the stupidest thing ever. So say we all.