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Piano Bento (374)

I went to Costco on Sunday and in a moment of weakness, against my better judgment, I bought the two pack of tofu. I’ve bought this several times before and I can never finish it off. Usually I eat up one block then forget about the other and find it later on, usually a month after it’s expired. I did some brainstorming though and finally figured out that tofu blocks would make a cool kind of “tofu piano”.

It turned out better than I expected, though cutting the tofu to be just the right size and height for the whole box tier ended up taking both blocks of tofu. I put the leftovers into a tupperware. I sliced the “keys” freehand without measuring and surprisingly enough, the black keys fit perfectly. I cut the second block too short, so I had to cut the first one to fit and this left some space, so I filled it with edamame pods.

In the other tier I put rice, then a lettuce leaf to hold leftover pot roast that I made yesterday. Of course, me working hard on it all day made no difference to Baby Girl, who ate all the rice and then proclaimed herself to be “too full” to eat more. Ungrateful little monkey.

I sliced some stewed carrots and potatoes and cut out music notes. I have a single note cutter, but couldn’t find it. Pot roast has always been something I find difficult to bento, but I think the lettuce lining made it look pretty good, so I was happy with how it turned out. The kids asked for furikake on their rice and I was like, “This isn’t furikake food!” and Mr. Pikko was like, “Why not?” So, I caved in and gave it to them and decided I might as well try it for myself. My rice was looking pretty plain anyway.

I am SO FREAKING RELIEVED to say that Buddy FINALLY used the toilet tonight. For the longest time, he’s been very resistant to potty training, not even wanting to get on. This past week though, he’s been more open to it and so it was starting to look like it might happen. Still, he’d sit there and nothing would happen. Tonight though, he said he had a stomach ache and 10 minutes later, I was one seriously happy mama. It’s a miracle, seriously.

Oh! Speaking of miracles, this morning I was in the yard with the kids when I happened to bend down to look at the miracle berry bushes. I like to inspect the flowers to see if they’re looking any better and this time, I saw a little green pine nut sized thing sticking out of one. A berry!!!! I looked at the other bush and saw THREE MORE berries, only these were much bigger. I ran in to tell Mr. Pikko and he couldn’t believe it. We’re both very happy about finally having something come out of these two little trees.