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LOST S6 Bento #1 – Not Penny’s Boat

In my excitement over thinking up the LOST spam musubis, I kind of forgot to think about what I’d be making today for the actual premiere. It dawned on me while I roasted on the beach on Saturday and I started thinking on what I could do. It finally came to me yesterday, just after we dropped Buddy off at school.

Not Penny's Boat Bento

It’s not my greatest bento ever, since I had no food to put in it and just fried three shrimps in garlic salt, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the premiere. However, it’s still one of the most memorable scenes in all seasons of LOST and therefore had to be done. Spoilers below the cut!!!

I was never really a fan of Charlie. Perhaps I just found his band flashbacks astonishingly boring. Or maybe I just hated the fact that Meriadoc Brandybuck was a scruffy looking heroin addict. The horror!! Hobbits don’t shoot up!! They just don’t!! *sob*

In any case, when Charlie finally bit the dust, I was emotional over it just because of the way they did it. LOST really has a knack for pulling at your heartstrings and this was one of the top ones in my book for sure, right up there with Sawyer jumping from the chopper and Sun crying at Jin’s grave and Desmond turning the key while crying, “Ah luv you, Penny!” or Desmond finally finding Penny’s letter in his book or Desmond and Penny talking on the phone or Desmond and Penny reunited or Desmond…

Oh. Sorry. Got carried away there. Desmond and Penny’s story is just the best there is. The Constant remains my favorite LOST episode.

Not Penny's Boat

After I’d wiped away my tears and stopped wondering if you can really write on your wet hand with a wet sharpie while drowning, I realized what a turning point that scene was for the show that season. All this time, you’d been led to think that she was out there, just off shore, waiting for them to be reunited. Then you realize that these people just aren’t who they say and the danger level intensifies. And then you had to wait for freaking MONTHS.

Oooh, chicken skin! Such a great finale!

The hand isn’t as wonderful as I’d hoped, but there’s only so much one can do with brown rice. I cut the letters out freehand this morning. I didn’t even have to do any of them twice! Elite nori cutting aside though, what I’m especially proud of is the carrot. Did you notice it in the first picture?

Drive Shaft Carrot

OH HO HO! Pretty spiffy, no? I cut that freehand with a paring knife! It’s based on the Drive Shaft ring, which I once saw in a box that held a Charlie doll.

Drive Shaft Ring

I actually cut off the right side point near the ‘S’ by accident and had to cut deeper to help fix it. After that, I boiled the carrot for a bit to help bring out the orange color and keep it from drying out.

I tried to find my LOST extra “uniform” but I think it’s lost (haha) somewhere in the dirty laundry pile. I’m wearing all black and my cuffs are black and white. Don’t worry, if I see myself in a millisecond of a frame, I’ll post here about it tomorrow. Have fun watching the show, everyone!