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Easter Bento Ideas

I haven’t had as much time on my hands to work on Easter charabens this year, but I’m still getting hits from Easter bento searches, so I figured it’s time to post something to help people along with some of my spring themed bentos from years past. You know, just in case I end up doing none at all this year. 🙁

I’ve got 12 Easter themed bento ideas to share with you all. Hope it helps for next week! I go from left to right, top to bottom.


  • Spring Chick Bento – Print out a picture of a cute chick and simply cut a piece of cheese with a toothpick. Cheep cheep!
  • Fluffy Sheep Bento – Use ham or fish sausage plus white cheese to make a cute fluffy sheep for your charaben! See a cheese-cutting tutorial!
  • Rooster Bento – This rooster is colored with food coloring painted on with a toothpick. Cock a doodle doo!
  • Tamagoyaki Chicks Bento – Using a tamagoyaki mold, make some easy egg omelet chicks to decorate an Easter bento.
  • Somen Bird’s Nest Bento – Turn a hard-boiled egg into a little chick in a shell and give it a nest of somen noodles and salad greens.
  • Cheese Daisies Spaghetti Bento – Top a simple leftover spaghetti bento with some cheese daisies to brighten up a lunch with spring.
  • Screaming Bunnies Bento – Don’t have a twisted sense of humor like me? Make all your little pink quail egg bunnies as oblivious as the one on the left.
  • Pink Daisy Onigiri Bento – Give a simple onigiri some spring flair with some fish sausage daisies with cheese centers.
  • Daisy Curry Bento – Did you know some Japanese curry places serve curry with cheese? Try putting these cheese daisies into your next curry bento!
  • Easter Egg Nest Bento – Dye peeled quail eggs and decorate them with thinly sliced meats for a cute treat for your eyes.
  • Easter Bunny Bento – Watch two tutorial videos as I show you how to make this cute bunny and then the whole bento.
  • Tulip Trio Bento – Top a delicious soboro bento with three smiling tulips.