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Tamagoyaki Chicks Bento

I had heard yesterday that Survivor was going to be epic and boy did it deliver as advertised! Last season, I started off as a Russell hater but as he slowly became one of the best players I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching, that hate turned into wicked admiration. I could not wait for a showdown between The King and Rob Mariano and I finally got what I wanted. I’ve applied for Survivor a couple of times, but never did get a call. I meant to apply for seasons 21 and 22, but forgot to make my video before the deadline.


I only cooked one cup of quinoa yesterday, but it turned out to be an insane amount of food all puffed up and cooked with veggies, so I’m eating more of it today. Still, this barely made a dent in how much I have left, so I might just have to eat this for dinner too. -_-

I wanted to keep with a Spring theme and I remembered that I had this Tamagoyaki Shaper collecting dust. I had never used it and so since there’s a cute chick shape, I figured this might be a good time to try it out. Unfortunately, my tamagoyaki had other ideas.


I haven’t had egg issues for a while, so I guess I was due for a disappointment anyway. I let the egg cook too long and so the insides look rather layered instead of smooth. The mold was pretty easy to use. You basically just follow the same directions as with an egg mold, but it was hard to gauge how much egg to use. I ended up cooking a two-egg omelet and the top section doesn’t come with a snap to secure it in place, so I wrapped the whole thing in saran wrap and left it to sit for a bit.

Sadly, the top chick lost its tail and I had no other slices that looked better. I used a nori punch for the eyes, but you could probably find a hole puncher at any office supply store such as the Fiskars 1/4″ Hand Punch and it will do the job just as easy. I have a 1/8″ hand punch as well, which I got at a scrapbooking store. It’s great for people who can’t find nori punches! I cut the beaks by hand and simply laid them on top.


I mentioned we went to Toys R Us the other day. The Hoodlums came along, of course, and they were playing nicely until they came across a cow and rudely tipped her over. Well that mooing beast had something to say about that and she pushed Tonkatsu right back. Tonkatsu fell into Kamaboko and a domino effect ensued. Silly domos. Maybe that’ll teach them not to be so rude!