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Daisies Spaghetti Bento (483)

Today is the last day to enter my 1 Million Hits Bento Giveaway, so if you haven’t posted a comment yet, be sure to do so! Luckily for most of you I live at the edge of America, so it closes especially late.

On Saturday, I mentioned that Baby Girl had written her name on her bed sheets. I caught her just as she was at “Watana” in Watanabe and of course, I was mad, so I made her stay in her room for a few hours to think about what she’d done. When I let her out, I noticed that in her time of pondering, she’d decided that the best thing to do was to finish what she’d started and so she tacked on the ‘be’ to the end of “Watana”. I was so flustered I just pretended I didn’t see it, lest I go crazy.

When I did the pink onigiri party platter, I actually forgot my rice cooker at the office. Then on Friday I forgot it again, so I had to go a whole weekend without a rice cooker. Since I have never in my entire rice-eating life cooked rice in a regular pot, we just didn’t eat rice. This meant spaghetti on Sunday.


Aren’t the little daisies so cute? I made them with a cutter from my Wilton Gum Paste Flower-Making Set. If you don’t have one of these, get one! They’re really awesome for cutting out little flowers for bento and if you like to make pretty cakes, even better, cause then you can use the cutters for what they’re supposed to be for. They’re made out of white cheese and the centers are cut from American cheese with a plain ole drinking straw. I remember a couple years ago I was killing myself trying to cut out little circles for eyes using a knife and my nerves. If only I’d thought of using straws…

Anyway, just something simple. I made spaghetti with hamburger and prosciutto, a whole packet of which I have to use up somehow in the next two days, hapa noodles (some regular, some whole wheat), and homemade garlic bread with a big honking baguette from Costco. I meant to bring garlic bread for lunch, but I suspect it’s been chillin’ on the couch all day after I forgot it. Hopefully it found the TiVo remote and wasn’t bored all day.

In the other tier I have cubed Freska mango and whole strawberries. Strawberries are dirt cheap at Costco this week, $3.99 for a big tray. I used my Vivo Bento Box, which is awesome for color. The food took me less than ten minutes, but the flowers took me almost as long because I had to carefully poke each petal out with a toothpick before getting the whole thing out.


Here we have my Hoodlums having a nice picnic while we dyed eggs during Easter. They’re having a really strange meal, but what do you expect from Domokuns.

Hopefully I can get back to posting Docubentory stuff, as that’s been falling drastically behind! Watch for something new tomorrow!

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  • Congrats on reaching such an amazing milestone! Just think, this is only the beginning for you! 😀 I have that vivo box too, and just love it! Great job on the bento, the daisies are very sweet.

  • Meg J

    Congrats on the milestone! 🙂

  • i have this wilton cutter set too and i love it — i find it works much better with cheese than, say, egg sheets, but maybe my egg sheets just aren’t great yet 0_o

    anyway, i love the idea of topping the “sketti” with cheese flowers… looks adorable, and unlike with cheese-on-rice (i do that all the time too), you can mix in and it will taste yummy and like a normal flavor combo!

  • We both had pasta today! Those teeny daisies are so precise. But how can I justify yet another flower cutter?

  • ava

    youve never cooked rice in a pot?! whaaaosfjdiobherpgvb

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  • Looks like a delicious garden! 😀

  • Loolee

    I love those little tiffin-type boxes. I was shopping in Target the other week and had to be physically restrained from purchasing the ones they have there. (Muahah! I may still go back and get one, just to be contrary.)
    They are a bit too big for a single lunch, but ideal for picnics and outings. I doubt they would be spill proof, but those colors and the price!

  • Sorry to hear about the bed sheets. At least if you ever lose them, you stand a good chance of having them returned to you! Congrats on the Million Mark Milestone! Tasty looking spaghetti and cute flowers 😀

  • Elizabeth

    What an adorable way to make a leftovers lunch special and inviting.

    You should go over Baby Girls name on the bedsheets with a little embroidery stitch in a contrasting color. The ink will fade away before the sheets wear out. You will have a sweet reminder of when she was a little girl who did silly things that you can hold on to when she is older and making your life even crazier.

  • Well…at least she finished what she started….:} I love the little flowers, now I need to look into that….does it ever end? JK! I love getting into all this bento stuff, but my goal is not to get as many as you!

    No rice?

  • I’ve never cooked rice without a rice cooker before either! This one time I was at a friend’s house cooking dinner and he asked me to make the rice and I automatically asked him where his rice cooker was. He gave me the strangest look before telling me he didn’t have a rice cooker! I love seeing the adventures of your Hoodlums. So funny!

  • I have been wanting those cutters for a long time but I don’t like to order online. Anyone know where I can get it in store? And I’ve never cooked rice in a pot either! I think it’s an Asian thing since we eat so much rice. Everyone in my family has a rice cooker and when I was a little girl I was taught to cook rice in a rice cooker, never a pot!

  • Aww I love the little daisies they are so cute! My tiny kitchen cannot take anymore appliances so I always cook my rice in a pot lol.

  • Kristin

    Elizabeth, that is a sweet idea.

    congratulations on the million mark milestone! And thank you for sharing your techniques with us. I would have never thought of using a cutter set for those adorable flowers.

  • love the daisies and the spaghetti I would never think of this, I put the gum paste flower making set on my birthday wish list my bday is in may.

  • Love these little flowers 🙂

  • What a sweet little dish!! This will make even the most stubborn little eater open her mouth…

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  • Aw, I love your little flowers! They are so bright and spring like <3 And of course I love the round box 😉