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Flowery Onigiri Bento

As is custom now with me, writing words down will immediately jinx them. I said yesterday that I would have work doing background filming for George Clooney’s movie ‘The Descendants’ and then casting promptly called to tell me it got pushed back a day, probably because of the sucky weather. So, I fully anticipate it being canceled altogether merely because of my mention of it today. Or will my Negative Nancy attitude cause it to come true? Do I have the universe fooled? >:)


I have something simple and flowery today that I was able to whip up pretty quickly. Fish sausage was on sale at Marukai, so even though I had some already, I bought another one, which means I have to use it up quickly now! Today’s bento is in my sakura jubako bento box from J-List. I only used the top layer though.

The first thing I did this morning was cook rice. While I waited the 20 minutes for that, I fried some cut up kabocha and added a bit of soy sauce at the end. It smelled great, since I used my coconut oil cooking spray. I used my mandoline to thinly slice some cabbage, then added mayo, salt, and pepper to make a quick slaw. I cut out the flowers and added cheese centers, then used the leftover cheese to make cheesy toast for Baby Girl.

When the rice was done I wrapped it in saran wrap to make a ball then stuck it in the freezer to cool it down faster, since I didn’t want it to melt my cheese centers. Lettuce lined the box, then the rice ball went in. Next I added slices of my leftover Easter ham, then the slaw, the kabocha, and an imitation crab stick. The last touch was adding the flowers. Assembly took about five minutes, but the cooking added a lot more time.


I dunno what Kamaboko was thinking, but this is a really bad place to have a kanak attack. She’s lucky I was so attentive and picked her off before accidentally eating her. I mean, seriously, be more careful please?