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Love on an Omelet

Having had a really low motivation weekend, I didn’t make any plans at all for today’s bento. Though now that I think about it, I did two weekened blog posts, so I can’t really have been all that lazy. I sure felt lazy. I could have used like 5 more hours of sleep this morning.

Love Bento

The result is this lazy thing, which has some really horrible color scheme, haha! I should have used a smaller, red box. It’s really not one of my favorites at all. Luckily there’s the rest of this week to do better lovey dovey bentos.

I used two egg whites for the omelet and added two drops of red food coloring, then fried it and folded it over. I made the omelet to hide the Hamburger Helper underneath, since it’s probably really disgusting to most people but is one of the few things I can count on that my kids will actually eat. I used turkey to make it lighter.

The LOVE is made out of white cheese and I used a cookie cutter I bought at Foodland recently for 99 cents. I’ll have to make some sugar cookies with it as it really is cute. I added broccoli, a quarter of a cameo apple with a heart cut out of it, some sweet potato hearts, and some orange wedges.

When we live in a different place, I’m getting one that has actual windows with blinds that work. That way I can use the light outside to help with my photos. My lighting issues all seem to stem from me having to take pictures in a gloomy area unless it’s midday.

To continue with my dreary photo quality, I have three more bento boxes to add to my Docubentory.

I took my jubako boxes out so that I could get it over with and get them back in the cabinet. This one is my smallest one and has three tiers. View the set for Box 003.

This is my red box and I rarely use it because it’s pretty huge and only really good for picnics, which we don’t do often. View the Box 004 set.

This is the exact same size, only black, which makes me like using it more. As you can see though, I don’t dry it fast enough and there are water spots on it. View the set for Box 005.

I couldn’t figure out a nice way to add props to these. Oh well, at least I only have three. (which is two too many…)