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May Day Bento (486)

Yesterday was not a good day for my leg. The large burn that had been scabbing ended up getting stuck to my pants while I was at work, making the rest of the afternoon extremely uncomfortable, kind of like how I’m making you all uncomfortable by talking about my burnt thigh on a food blog.

I ended up staying home today to air it out and spent a ton of time standing up, which means that I now have a miraculously clean kitchen. This won’t last long, so I need to enjoy it while I can. The last time I cleaned it this well was for Wanda Adams and I hadn’t quite recovered from the kitchen typhoon that a photo shoot is until today.

May Day Bento

I haven’t felt very bento-inspired these last few days due to some stress, but hopefully that resolves by next week. This lunch is made out of Baby Girl’s uneaten tonkatsu dinner. She’s been a very picky eater in the last few weeks and since it seemed a terrible waste, I packed it up. I added sesame choi sum, leftover noodles from my niece’s party, and half a strawberry. The yellow pig bottle has tonkatsu sauce.

I made the lei out of slices of fish sausage cut with the little flower from the Wilton Gum Paste Flowers set I’ve mentioned many times before. I strung them together with a somen noodle.

Fish Sausage Lei

I took the photo outside on the grass old school May Day style. I decided to do this since May Day this year falls on a Saturday. For those of you unfamiliar with the day (May 1st), it’s Lei Day!

Hamburger Bento

This is a bento I made for Mr. Pikko today, but he ended up eating it for breakfast because apparently he had a leftover sandwich from Subway to eat. I used lettuce from the yard that he grew and it was such a beautiful garnish. I love having that pot outside because it means that I don’t have to buy lettuce. Since a lot of leaves rot before I can use them in the store-bought bunch, this is much more efficient and cheaper too!

I think I mentioned that on Saturday we went to Hanauma Bay. Here’s a photo:

Hanauma Bay

It was a really beautiful day there, even without fish.

Hoodlums at Hanauma

The Hoodlums came too, but unfortunately Wasabi couldn’t make it because of a broken leg. As you can see, I’ve got two new friends, Ume and Tamagoyaki.