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1M Hits Bento Giveaway Winners

The day has finally come! The day I announce my winners for my 1M Hits Bento Giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered, it was very fun to read about which bentos people enjoyed the most and to read all the hilarious bento puns and jokes! Without further ado…

1M Winners

For some reason, the generator really liked pulling numbers from the 200s. With that said, congratulations to everyone who won! I’ll be emailing you guys to ask for addresses and wish lists. Thanks to the 400+ people who entered, on time or late! The most popular lunches people “voted” for were:

I was really surprised by how many of you said you love my LOST bentos, yet don’t even watch the show. I find that amazing! Also, since so many of you loved the Hello Kitty one, I thought you guys might find it interesting to see a page from a German Hello Kitty magazine that features the very lunch so many of you love!! I’ll leave you all with what I thought was the funniest joke from the bunch:

It’s a “bent O” box. LOL!!