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Jack Shepherd Bento

Last week was a tough episode to watch for LOST fans and we have to wonder just what the heck else is going to happen in these final three weeks until The End. Will the Sideways world come true? Will Richard successfully keep El Diablo on the island? Why is Little Jacob running around? And when the frick is Desmond gonna come back on screen, dang fun it?

I had planned to make a bento of a Yahtzee board to represent Jacob and the Man in Black’s episode tonight, but being me, I forgot that I’d thought of this and ended up printing out a photo for another cutout.

Jack Shepherd Bento - LOST

This here is supposed to be Jack Shepherd. I’m not exactly thrilled at how it came out. I did it just like the font, but I think the shadow on his lip really had threw things off. I mean, he looks like he has a massive barrel mustache.

Previously on LOST…

He looks like Luigi or something. In fact, I think I hear Luigi Jack saying something…

Luigi Jack Shepherd

Yeah, see, that works. If you’re wondering how I learned to fake an Italian accent, my kids watch a lot of Curious George. Chef Pisghetti is a great Italian accent teacher.

Anyway, I decided I’d have a look at what Luigi Jack looks like after he shaved.

Jack Shepherd Bento - LOST

Better, but not much. There was no way I was going to cut out his stubble, so I just ground some roasted sesame seeds and dotted the stuff on with my finger and it worked well! In the lunch there’s leftover teri meat from Mother’s Day, broccoli, corn, and some cocktail tomato wedges.

I haven’t been much of a Jack fan throughout these past six seasons, but lately Jack’s become a new man and I really like the way his character has progressed. Plus, since last week Sayid said to Jack, “It’s going to be you.” I felt like it was appropriate to use him this week. I am really looking forward to tonight’s episode as the Jacob thing has been fascinating, but one of those things that the writer’s like to slowly torture you with. With just 4 1/2 hours of LOST to watch forever, IT’S ABOUT TIME THEY JUST SPILLED IT ALL OUT.

Ok, rant over. Whew!

Bento Box #025

Here’s bento box #025 in my Docubentory. Not sure if I’ve used this one before…

We went to go look at the house we’re moving to yesterday and while it’s a bit old and the drawers stick from the paint, the kitchen is freaking MASSIVE. I have enough cupboard space to store a thousand bento boxes!!! Muahahahahahaha!

Not that I’d actually do that… but the point is, there’s room for my stash. I might have to use a locked cabinet because I think Mr. Pikko is secretly plotting to throw some away here and there. !!! If anyone knows how one can fix up kitchen cabinets that are covered in “sticky” paint, please let me know. I need something that I could actually attempt myself. Is it just a matter of painting over that stuff with a different type of paint or adding a finish on top or do I have to scrape all the old paint off?

We signed Baby Girl up for a program and lunch was an added $220 cost, so I talked it over with her and she said I can pack her lunch. Maybe I can gradually move her into cute bento…