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Sandwich Bento (508)

As you have probably guessed by now, I’m still compiling the entries for the Zojirushi Mini  Bento Giveaway. I’ve realized now that I probably should have split the two giveaways into two separate ones because some people are entering for just one or the other while most are entering for both, so I can’t really draw from the same lists. Plus, dang there’s a lot of you that are anxious for a Zojirushi product! I wasn’t expecting 300 entries, that’s almost as much as my 1M Hits Giveaway! Anyway, I’m nearly done, so hopefully we’ll see who won soon!

Sandwich Bento

Foodbuzz sent out another round of food samples for their Tastemaker Program, this time sending me 100% Whole Wheat Bakery Buns. I used one to make my sandwich for lunch during the week. They were quite tasty! I had to freeze the rest of the package because I can’t eat them that fast. We also got the Country White Buns and their new Hot Dog Buns.

I didn’t really care for the hot dog buns. They were really huge, fat, and covered in sesame seeds. I made the mistake of buying regular sized hot dogs and ate it with Zippy’s chili on top. Even with the chili, it was way too much bread. Maybe with bigger hot dogs it would be fine, but they weren’t on sale so I didn’t get them. The wheat buns actually kind of reminded me of the wheat buns they used to serve in high school with sloppy joes. This made me want to eat sloppy joes, so Grandma J said we could eat the buns with spaghetti. In the end I went with the chili dog, though. My niece seemed to like her “spaghetti burger”!