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Vampire Bat Sandwich (529)

Now that we have a house, I keep thinking off and on about doing something good for Halloween, but then I eventually get around to the thought that maybe not that many kids go trick or treating in that neighborhood and that it would be a lot of effort for just a couple of kids. I told Mr. Pikko that he should set up out on the driveway, wear a black cloak, and sit down next to a bucket of candy, making like he’s just a prop. The bucket of candy would say “Help yourself” and as the kids approached, he would jump up and scare them.

I got this idea from my own experience in high school, when a prop skeleton we walked past to the door suddenly came alive as we were leaving. Needless to say, I screamed my head off. Sadly, he thinks he’d get in trouble and joked that he’d get arrested for assault.

For scaring kids on Halloween.

Anyway, I think this year I’ll just leave my carved pumpkins out and evaluate the kid situation. If it looks good, I’ll do something better next year.

Vampire Bat Sandwich Bento

I made a vampire bat sandwich today. He’s made out of cheese and black food coloring with tiny nori pupils. I drew one wing onto a piece of paper, folded the paper, then cut out two wings at once. I placed the paper on the cheese and cut out the wings with a toothpick. The eyes were cut out with a piece of bubble tea straw. I added 1-2 drops of black food coloring to each wing and his head and spread it around with a toothpick.

I made his pupils different sizes to make him look a little crazy. He also has one chipped fang, though that was unintentional. After I put it on I thought it would look cool that way. He probably got it trying to suck some blood out of a statue or something.

Vampire Bat Sandwich

Here’s a closer image of him. I suggest letting the cheese dry a bit before closing the box and you should also drape some plastic wrap over any kind of cheese topping you put on a sandwich because it’s guaranteed to stick to the top of the box. Plastic wrap will fix that right up. It just won’t look that great with the wrap sticking out of the box, but oh well!

Persimmon Jacks

Here you can see Mr. & Mrs. Persimmon-o-Lantern. I cut a Fuyu persimmon in half and then carved the faces out with a small paring knife. As you can see, I made little eyelashes for the Mrs. I added a different colored “BOO” pick. Normally I peel persimmons, but I’ll see how it is with the skin this time.

Yesterday I got some cool news! I had applied to the POM Wonderful Dinner Party event and was one of only 100 chosen to receive a party packet. My only problem is now I have to figure out which of my brainstormed recipe ideas I wrote down that got me selected… I had this whole list and I can’t remember which ones I picked from it. 🙁 Anyway, I’m the little tack stuck into Hawaii on their map. Pretty POM Wonderful! 😀