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Oyako Donbunny Bento (546)

Last night it started pouring around 10:30 or so and all I could think was, “Damn it, there goes my nice little garden.” I don’t know what it looks like now, but yesterday it looked all rain-splattered, and that was after light rains.

Still, I’ll take this over all that crappy white stuff you poor mainland people are enduring right now. You should know that I’d probably die in your shoes, as the other day, when it was 61 F, we were all shivering in our pjs.

Oyako Donbunny Bento

Today for lunch I’m having oyako donburi leftover from last night with a bunny in the middle. People were commenting about how it’s bad luck to celebrate Chinese New Year early, but let’s just look at these bunny bentos as anticipation rather than celebration. 🙂

This one is a bit heftier in points because apparently chickens have thunder thighs too (23 points per pound boneless/skinless). I had to create two different versions of my donburi recipe in the WW recipe builder for days when I actually use breast meat (which is what I’m supposed to do). However, I’d defrosted one of those boxes of frozen chicken the other day and I still had half of it left.

If it looks a little different than my usual donburi leftover bentos, that’s because I cooked it a little longer than usual. Or in my language, “forgot it was on the stove while checking email”. I added the edamame in when I packed it for a little color, as Mr. Pikko and the kids are all still mentally allergic to onions and green onions.

As you may have noticed, I’m having difficulties giving up rice this time around. With 29+7 points per day though, it seems I can afford it.

Spam Bunny

Here’s a close-up of the bunny, who is made out of a leftover piece of spam, white cheese, and nori. I used a pinched bubble tea straw to make flat ovals then cut off a tip for the ears. In the other tier, I have some rabbit food, or baby carrot sticks, celery sticks, and cauliflower. I have a single serving of hummus to eat with it.

Oyako Donbunny Bento Points Calculation

1 cup oyako donburi with thighs – 8 points
1/2 cup white rice – 3 points
1/8 cup edamame – 1 point
1/2 oz spam+cheese – 1 point
2 oz Sabra hummus – 4 points

Total: 17 points

Ouch!! The good news is, I have walked to work every day this week so far (1 mile each way), rain or shine. I’ve got 14 activity points to spend and I haven’t even touched my weekly allowance yet, so I’m still on track.

Snacks for today: sweet potato, banana, tangelo, and Korean pear (probably can’t eat it all)
Weight this morning: 154.2 lb

I keep meaning to do some tae bo, but being a born exercise hater, I keep telling myself that walking 2 miles a day is still better than nothing.