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Hawaiian Chicken Salad Bento

Yesterday, in a fit of laziness while doing some food shopping at Foodland, I decided to just buy a rotisserie chicken from their deli. I normally hate doing this because the Costco chickens are much bigger, juicier, tastier, and above all else cheaper. But, since I no longer live within walking distance to a Costco (not that you’d ever be able to walk home from Costco), I had to just make do. Besides, I needed the chicken to do a couple of food product reviews on Learn 2 Cook.

Chicken Salad Bento

I ate a chicken sandwich for dinner, since the rice I’d cooked in the morning wasn’t enough for all of us and our bread was at the end of it’s long and wonderful life perched upon our microwave. I made the ultimate family sacrifice and ate the two butts of the loaf. The things we do for love!

For lunch today I have some Hawaiian Chicken Salad, which I adapted from a recipe in a brochure from the company Hawaiian Kine. You can read my first review of their Creamy Sesame Dressing, which is what I brought today in a little Hello Kitty bottle. More reviews to come as I move through their samples, so stay tuned!

I used lettuce Mr. Pikko grew along with one of his tomatoes and our cilantro.

Hawaiian Chicken Salad Bento Points Calculation

2 cups chopped lettuce – 0 points
1 small tomato – 0 points
1/2 cup roasted chicken meat – 3 points
1 tbsp sesame salad dressing – 2 points
small handful La Coy chow mein noodles – ?? will assume 1 point

Total: 6 points

Snacks today: banana, bosc pear, kim chee imitation crab salad

Weight today: 153.0 lb

I packed about 2 tbsp of dressing, but I’m not the type to drown my greens and will most likely only use half of it. The other half I can use to eat my baby carrots.

I gained a half a pound today, bummer! But, it’s no big deal. Hopefully I round things out nicely at the end of the week.