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Grilled Beef & Chowder Bento

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Last week Thursday was a sad, sad day for the Pikko family. Hubby called me at work to tell me to come home right away. I could hear the kids bawling in the background and I thought maybe he’d run Max over with the car or something, especially when he said he had bad news.

The bad news was that Max had killed one of our two hens. 🙁 What we’ve managed to put together is that the latch on the coop came loose and one of them got out and just started cruisin’ in the yard. That same chicken had gotten out once before on the weekend and I’d found Max biting her because I heard a loud squawk. This time though, it happened while no one was home and when Mr. Pikko brought the kids home from school, they were greeted with a dog gnawing on a chicken with features ALL over the front lawn.

It was depressing for us and traumatizing for the kids. Baby Girl angrily stated, “I guess Max is not a vegetarian.” As you can see, we hadn’t thought to educate her on the natural thought processes of dogs.

I’m really sad she’s gone, as our two chickens had spent their whole lives together and now one was alone. She now clucks all hours of the day instead of just in the morning, as if wondering where her sister went. I feel really bad. Plus, now we only get one egg a day instead of two!

Beef and Chowder Bento

Today I’m having leftovers from a couple of days. First, I have grilled meat from our Mother’s Day lunch on Sunday, along with broccoli and a grape tomato Mr. Pikko grew. In the other container is rice and furikake. In the thermal jar I have some leftover corn chowder from last night. You can find out the recipe for it on Learn 2 Cook: Comfort Corn Chowder.

As you have probably noticed with my sporadic posting, I’ve been really busy lately and it’s bound to get worse with two birthdays coming up in the next two weeks. I bought this insane thing for Baby Girl’s cake called a Castle Cake Set. Is that not just the most insane looking thing ever? I’m hoping it won’t kill me making it, but we’ll see. We bought a big waterslide to have at her party too, so it should be pretty nuts!