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First 2013 Bento

Yeah, I hate myself. I did it again last month where I said I’d do something, then didn’t. So one of my 2013 resolutions will be to never blog and say I’ll be posting something because somehow that immediately curses my schedule and makes it impossible.

As you guys must know, January is the time when everyone swears they’ll start losing weight, including me. I’ve got a few events coming up this year that make me want to lose about 25 pounds, but I haven’t yet re-subbed to Weight Watchers because for the past two years I’ve signed up but never really stuck to it since that first run. If you want to give it a try though, WW has launched their new 360 program and they’ve waived the online signup fee. I definitely need people to diet with, so if you sign up or do it some other way, please let me know as I’d love to hear what your plan is!

As for me, I’ll be going a simple route by eating smarter and exercising regularly. Part of that includes getting back into bentoing to control my portions. Here’s the first bento of the year that I made for last Friday.

First 2013 Bento

In it, I’ve got New Year’s leftovers including chopped up grilled shrimp, pickles, fresh tomatoes I picked from Mr. Pikko’s garden, rice, and the last of my ozoni. I didn’t actually put the ozoni in the box, but I photoed it in the bowl to show you guys how I ate it later in the day.

I heated up the soup in a pot on the stove, cooking the mochi in it since my mochi was already hard as a rock. After it was good and boiling hot, I ladled it into my Zojirushi Food Jar. I figured boiling hot meant it would still be nice and warm by the time lunch came around, but I was actually quite shocked to find that even 5 hours later, the soup was piping hot! Not scalding, mind you, but really hot. I was so amazed and thankful because I’m the kind of person that likes her soup really temperature hot.

I’m out of purple pickles, so I’ll have to make a trip to Marukai to get more. How was everyone’s New Year’s celebration? Don’t forget to tell me your weight loss plans for the year!