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Tutorial: Making Cheese Eyeballs

Yesterday I posted my Bloody Eyeballs Bento and was able to make some delightfully round eyes to gross my kids out. Now I’m going to tell you how I did it.

In a previous Halloween year I tried using mozzarella balls, but they come rather hard and aren’t truly round, so they don’t make very good eyes in my opinion. Plus, they’re huge, so they’re not really good for using in bento. For charaben, I’ve always used straws to cut my eyes out, but they still have that flat cut-out look to them. Applying this method to smaller eyes for charaben will make them look better for sure.


I used American swiss cheese slices. Use a toothpick and cut them into evenly sized pieces. I left one a little bigger so you can see the difference. Starting with uniform pieces will be the key to having a matching set of eyes when you’re doing charaben. Another thing you can do is cut them with a bubble tea straw like you normally would and then you’d have pieces of the same size without the hassle of eyeballing.


Here’s a close-up of a rolled ball. You simply mash up the cheese (if you’re doing this with kids, this is the perfect opportunity to teach about washing hands well) and then roll it into a ball. These are kind of on the big side because I made theme for the bloody eyeballs, but obviously you can make them any size you want, though if you go too small it may not ball up nicely.


Here you can see the finished balls, and you can see how the second from the left one is slightly bigger than the others. If you’re using them for charaben, simply press them gently down so that you have a rounded, but slightly flat eye. Add nori to the middles!


All done! To add blood I simply dripped red food coloring on them with a toothpick. Happy Halloween!


Yep, still gross the next day.