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Inarizushi Bento

Ok so I realized just now that Flickr is resizing my 1000 pixel wide shots to 500 pixels, so there’s no real point in uploading a big size and a small size if the big is only 100 pixels wider. If I have time I’ll upload the big files to my Swapsonian domain later.

Due to an extremely busy television night with two 2-hour finales, (one which cut off right after Ryan Seacrest said, “After a world record 74 million votes, the American Idol 2007 is…”) I could only make another small bento. As for the finale, it would be an understatement to say that I was pretty upset had to go look online to find out who won. That’s twice in one month mah TiVo let me down!

This one is pretty simple with just two cone sushiCone sushi refers to the triangle shaped pocket sushi, but I tend to just call all inarizuhi cone sushi out of habit. (inarizushi), the last of my cucumber kim chee with some leftover diced carrots that I put into the sushi rice, and three grape tomatoes on the brink of death. Not sure I’ll eat the tomatoes… When I was growing up we always called inarizushi “cone sushi” because sometimes people make it by cutting the aburage diagonally and then stuffing it, making it look like a cone. But anytime I see this kind of sushi I just call it cone sushi cause that’s what I’m used to.

Inarizushi Bento
This doesn’t look like much, but quite a bit of rice can fit into those tofu skins so it comes out to 1/2 a cup of rice in the whole meal. I’d bought a package of already cooked, already simmered, already cut aburage so all I did was rip open the package and stuff the skins. The instructions were all in Japanese so good thing there was little need for them.

So much for my all Core lunches, ha! I knew it wasn’t going to fill me up, so I also brought along baby carrots, watermelon, a fuji apple, and some grapes. Contrary to what I said earlier this week I’m now thinking of toning down my diet and losing weight at a much slower rate so that I’m able to keep my healthy eating mentality longer. I don’t want to suddenly fling myself off the diet in anticipation of all the missed rice and bread I’ve been thinking of this whole time. I won’t be in my friend’s wedding for another 7 months, so that’s quite a long while for me to lose the last 14 pounds considering I lost 16 in just under two months.