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California Roll Bento and The Dreaded Ex

I have a lot to write about today but first order of business: the bento. I had a pretty wild and rampant calorie weekend, eating a total of 5 Pizza Hut slices (3 Veggie Lovers and 2 Pepperoni) as well as having some very yummy Nabeyaki Udon from Kabuki Waimalu last night. Plus Milano Freezer and cheesecake afterwards, eeps! Anyway, I have to let myself down slowly, so today I have a 4 point bento all from the rice in the sushi.

California Roll Bento

This bento has some imitation crab that I bought at Don Quijote and I’ve made a note never to buy their imitation crab again as it was quite smelly and some pieces were a bit slimy. I picked the best looking and best feeling one and threw the rest away. It’s not even crab of a good consistency, being very rubbery and hard. I’ve seen the kind at Foodland which is the one that is pretty soft and you can peel the layers off. They’re covered in a plastic wrap and freeze well too. I bought it from Don Quijote because I went there to get something else and was too lazy to go to two markets just for imitation crab. Though now I have to go to two anyway to get more crab, so good job me!

On the side I have edamame and soy sauce in a tomato bottle. I totally love the already-cooked edamame they sell at Costco, but it freezer burns very quickly, so you kinda have to eat it fast.

Next up is the garden! I have some new pictures of my brand new tomatoes, which have finally shown themselves!! First up, a general picture of the plants now:


I ripped up the pots I grew the sprouts in to help keep moisture in the pots. Next is a picture of my corn plants:


And finally we have my little babies:


I have like around 10. I had 11 until I accidentally broke one off. 🙁 They’re growing pretty quickly as this morning when I went to check on them, they were noticeably bigger!

Ok and last but not least, the dreaded ex. No, I did not run into an ex-boyfriend! I was lying on the couch watching something when I realized that I’m having a hard time sticking to the 5 points a day Core diet so the only thing left for me is to… ugh… exercise. Apparently I mean business too because I went out last night and jogged.

An entire mile

A little factoid about me: I despise jogging. I mean what’s not to hate? You get tired as heck, your legs hurt, your face turns red, you sweat like mad, you feel like crap. Or at least, I do anyway. I know people who love to run feel good while doing it but I don’t run, therefore I don’t feel good while doing it. When I came back in last night and went to shower the person looking back from the mirror said, “Don’t you ever freakin’ do that to me again!” But hopefully I will keep it up. I sure do need it with my jelly belly.

And speaking of jelly belly as a result of pregnancy, I had a sudden surge of hits yesterday, over 500 on a Sunday! I guess someone posted my link on a baby board and now loads of new mamas came here to read and look at my interesting hotdogs. Welcome ladies!! Hope you’re all having great healthy pregnancies!! ^_^

Update: The bento in this post is now featured on the cover of 501 Bento Lunches: 501 Unique Recipes for Brilliant Bento. Read my review of this cookbook.