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Last Legs Bento

I have a very strange bento today because I had to use up a lot of old food before it expired. We had pork chops last night but I didn’t take any since I had a pot of rice about to dry up in my cooker. When I was looking in the fridge for something to put in with it I noticed a tub of kim chee crab that I had forgotten about. It actually expired yesterday but I figure one more day isn’t going to kill me. *knock on wood*

Last Legs Bento

The rice was actually starting to turn a light yellow color because I cooked it on Sunday so I mixed it up with a lot of furikake then added nori punch faces. These punches are so great because when you have several you can just mix and match the eyes and mouths. I was lazy so I just shoved all the crab into the middle. I have an avocado that I forgot at work, so I’ll use that to help with the spicyness. I added two carrot flowers to the middle and two last sprigs of wilted parsley before finally dumping it. This is why I’m calling this my “Last Legs” bento, lol.

Buddy saw me slicing the carrots and wanted the flower outlines, so I gave them to him, thinking how lovely it is to have a son that eats veggies without blinking an eye.

Then I found regurgitated, chewed up carrot on the carpet in front of him in my bedroom. He was grinning ear to ear, the little fart.

I want to thank everyone for being so supportive and posting nice comments. I really appreciate everyone being so encouraging!!