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New Site!

Alrighty so with 100k and being sick of my old host at Dot5Hosting, I decided that as a present to myself I’d finally move off Blogger and get my bentomaking butt onto WordPress. I’m still missing Blogger for some reason, mostly cause I haven’t yet figured out how to put a banner image up on this template. I hate that the calendar goes from Monday-Sunday. I can’t figure out how to easily change my link colors. Bah! But I am planning on sticking with it. You’ve all heard that before, though.

Yesterday we went to Costco and after eating a chicken for lunch, I made a casserole. I still had meat, so this morning I made chicken quesadillas. I STILL have meat, so I can still make my rotisserie chicken soup tonight. I couldn’t do it yesterday because I was making stew, which turned out way too tomatoey. Bah!

Quesadilla Bento

So one of the cool parts of this new blog of mine is that I can post bigger pictures. Notice the intricate soft focus effect I so elegantly decorated my photo with? Isn’t it stunning? Clearly I should become a photographer instead of a admin/gamer/blogger already.

In truth, Buddy got ahold of my camera yesterday and took 4 pictures of the walls and dresser before I caught him. Only after I’d taken my pics, packed up my bento, and uploaded the pics to the computer did I notice that the edges were oddly fuzzy. I immediately checked the lens and sure enough, grubby toddler fingerprints tainted the entire thing. Oooo that kid.

Anyway, I fried some red and green bell peppers, removed them from the pan, then put in the first tortilla. I then added the peppers back in, spread out some leftover chicken, topped with cheese and another tortilla, then sliced it up after I’d flipped it over. There was too much to fit into the bento box so I just brought the rest in a baggie to snack on. I have sea creatures in my olives today, eeek! Those are blueberries in the little food cup.

I got the green bell peppers from the Kam Swap Meet on Saturday for a dollar for two. Baby Girl loves jabon, so I bought two small ones thinking, ah, they’re not too bad. We ended up buying lichee, peppers, coconuts, and corn before being asked if we could please WALK to Pearlridge to get picked up. Let me tell you, two “small” jabon, 6 ears of corn, two coconuts, and a bag of lichee gets to be pretty frickin’ heavy by the time you walk to Westridge. It’s especially hard if your daughter is alternating between asking you every 3 steps to please peel her another lichee and complaining that the two bell peppers she’s carrying is “way too heavy” for her.

Cherries and grapes

For fruits I have grapes and cherries. Woohoo! I loooove cherries. And oddly enough, they were cheaper than gas. HAHA! Okay so that’s not that funny, I tried.

After I’d put away all the Costco stuff I gave the apple container to Baby Girl to play with since she was building a house in the living room. She started getting frustrated when she couldn’t clamp the thing down over her 5 stuffed animal babies and so I told her, “They won’t be able to breathe.”, to which she replied, “But Mommy, they’re not real.” You know you’re in trouble when your 4 year-old has a better grip on reality than you do. Another sign I’m going cuckoo: last week I found myself arguing with the kids over which George to watch because **I** wanted to watch the lemonade one.

As you can see, I reached 100k over the weekend. HOORAY!! This means that my bento contest is now closed. I will be reviewing each bento and picking out my favorites. After that I will post them here and create a poll for people to vote on. The winner from that poll will receive my prize package. Good luck to you all!!

Please be patient while I finish tweaking everything on the site!