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Veggie Bento (246)

I’ve decided that I don’t need to return to Buca di Beppo anytime soon. After eating at their restaurant and then consuming the leftovers for two days afterward, I’m completely convinced that these three meals have led to me eating my butter and cheese allowance for the next three months. I had the last of the Fettucinne Supremo yesterday and after I ate it, I saw that the bottom of my plate was COVERED in melted butter. Ech! I felt sick all afternoon.

The in-laws are in Vegas right now, so yesterday we took them to eat dinner at Ninja Sushi right by the airport as a sending off gift. We ordered a bunch of their rolls, which were all really good. We got a California, Tempura, Osaka, and Tobiki. California and Tobiko rolls are basically the same, just with tobiko, so you don’t really need to get both if you want to order like we did. That was a great meal!

With the Buca horror of yesterday, I told myself I needed another all veggie bento today.

Sorry, but there’s nothing cute about it. I’ll start getting back into my cuter stuff soon, I swear! My co-worker came to lecture me the other day. She was like, “I can’t believe you just abandoned your blog! The nerve!” LOL

I had to use up a ton of bell peppers cause they were starting to grow fuzz, so I cut off all the bad parts, washed furiously, and sent them to the frying pan with eggplant, olive oil, and garlic salt. My grandma always taught me to soak my eggplant to get the acid out and I usually only do that with the big round ones, but a couple weeks ago I could taste the sting. This morning I soaked the slices and sure enough, the water turned brown. I will have to remember to do that for all eggplant I eat now.

For my second tier I sliced up 4 kiwis: 2 green, 2 golden. I love the golden ones! They have a pretty distinctively different taste than the greens. Smaller, but oh so yummy.

I found Buddy in the bathroom this morning again only this time he was trying to dispose of the evidence of his crimes in the toilet. He’d gotten a hold of my dental floss and had ripped out maybe 50 feet of floss by the time he heard me coming. The box was still attached to the floss though, so he was having a hard time getting all the floss to stay in the toilet cause the weight kept pulling it back out. Ewwww!