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Sausage Fried Rice Bento (258)

This morning I pulled out my ridiculously large Costco package of that really great pineapple sausage I’ve mentioned before. I ate one for breakfast and then chopped up a leftover half for some fried rice. I had no veggies besides the bell peppers in the fridge and I really didn’t want to use those for fried rice, so I busted out some of my frozen edamame. This package is getting on the old side so the pods look too freezer burned to go into a bento now. All popped out though, they are fine.


Buddy woke me up at the ungodly hour of 4:51 AM by coming into my bedroom and saying repeatedly in slowly increasing volume, “Mommy, I want Cheerios!” Being up this early meant I had an assload of time on my hand, so I decided to bake one of my sweet potatoes for lunch. I poke holes, wrap the thing in foil, then bake it in my toaster oven for about 1 hour 15 minutes. I sliced it thin then used my flower veggie cutter to make me some cute little violets.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to make little centers. Next time maybe I’ll use yellow sprinkles or something, which is something Susan Yuen does in her Hawaii’s Bento Box Cookbook.


This fruit layer is really drab. I wish I had some kind of red or orange fruit to make it more colorful. I’m not even sure why I took a picture of it. I guess I just have a soft spot for photographing kiwi! Next to the kiwi is some honeydew melon.

I’m sure the economy must be scaring the ever living crap out of people, myself included. Now is a good time to stop buying those $8 plate lunches and $7 sub sandwiches and $6 value meals and start taking a home lunch. If you’re going to start doing that, why not make lunch more enjoyable by arranging everything nice and neat into a bento box?

I’ve got a bunch of bento items sitting around playing cards and doodling on scratch paper. I need to get them out of the house. From now on I’m going to be featuring an item a day on a first come, first serve basis for people who want to get started on bentoing. Today’s item:

This is a brand new 2-tier bento box. I’m giving it up for 2 bucks. If you want it, e-mail me or comment on this blog post. I’ll ship it as cheap or as expensive as you want, your choice!

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  • How about using cheddar cheese for the flower centers? Poke them with a straw, I think they’ll look good 🙂

    and yaay~ That’s the bento box you sent me XD~
    I use them lots now, and I manged to get my friend into bentos too recently : D

    hmmm…. speaking about it, her birthday is coming and I was thinking about getting her a bento box.

    I’ll buy it for her. I’ll send you an email just in case.

  • As usual, a masterful and artistic presentation.

  • Looks so yummy! I love those purple potatoes, still trying to find them here!
    I found colored cauliflower but it was way too expensive and that made me a sad panda

    You could always use little carrot circles for centers, i think that would work pretty good

    Thats a cute box too, but i’ll have to pass on that one, too cutesy for me lol

  • I love that box, but I have to pass too. I pack bentos for the hubs and even though he has no shame bringing a chibimaru box to work, I think this may go too far! lol

    … and the kiwi pictures are always beautiful!

  • Cecelia

    How do you cut your kiwi? Mine comes out all raggedy. And where do you buy it from? (For my future information when I’m back home!) I like to eat it everyday too 🙂

    The purple cauliflower is beautiful, but not very tasty (tastes just like broccoli, if you ask me).

  • Cindy A.

    I’m interested in the bento box! I’ve been dying to try bento-ing, but in the Midwest, we don’t have any place to get supplies.

  • Pikko

    Aww sorry Cindy! This one’s taken. Stay tuned for today’s box! 🙂

  • Katie

    Can you cook a regular swwet potato the same way? What temp do you put your toaster oven on? I’ve been cutting them into chunks and steaming them in the microwave in my edamame steamer, but this sounds tastier…

  • i love your posts, very handy