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Chicken Fettuccine Bento

A rather amusing thing happened yesterday when I went to go pick up my new contact lens. I left work early at around 3:00 and biked home to get the car to drive to the office. When I got home, I talked to Peanut and the bunnies for a bit and checked on my soon-to-be-failure radishes and eventually saw that I was going to be late. I rushed to the car and got in.

I get down there right on time and found a sweet parking space, only to realize that I forgot to go into the house and exchange Wall-E for my purse. I was not going to walk around Ala Moana with a Wall-E backpack and my wallet (which was in the backpack) is huge and bulging with receipts, so I didn’t want to carry that around either.

Guess what else was in the van?

Chicken Fettucine Bento

No… not this lunch, though this is what I ate. I used my “Louis Voitton” of bento boxes again and when looking around in the van, I decided that I could use the bento bag (I have the black version – this link is just the pic, J-List is sold out) as a temporary purse. I emptied out the containers, stuck my wallet, phone, and keys in and zipped it up. It fit perfectly and looked really cute! Who knew that one day I’d be using it as an actual purse! 🙂

I wanted to thank all of you that were nice enough to comment on Baby Girl’s first book review. Tonight I’m going to have her try and read them and teach her how to type a reply. Should be fun!