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Hamburger Teddies (262)

I know I’ve let you guys down again this week, but I’ve got stuff to make up for it! 😀 First up though, I have some Yakiniku Million pictures that I never did blog about.

This is what the front of the restaurant looks like. The whole time I was in college I had no idea what the front looked like simply because it was such a dumpy, disgusting neighborhood that we dared only to park in the back, eat, and then leave. Now though, WalMart has moved in nearby, the sidewalks look new, and there’s grass!

Millions serves the fancier Korean sides, which I’m not all that big on. I prefer the take-out kind with bean sprouts namul, choi sum, taegu, and cabbage! I tried a Bud Light Lime and liked it, though Mr. Pikko said it tasted like ass.

The last time I blogged about the meat jun at Millions it wasn’t as good as before. Maybe it was the people we went with last time that mucked up the taste or something. This time we got together with two friends from college who shared the love of the meat jun here and all four of us got a side order plate (which is now horrifyingly expensive) and the Mrs. of one of our friends got Bi Bim Bap. The meat jun was soooo good. It was the same juicy, tender, tasty meat jun we used to eat. Mmm! The only difference this time was that I couldn’t even get close to eating it all, which is really good. I mean, look at that monster!

When I used to go to Marukai 99 Cent before, everything in the bento section was hell because it was all scattered everywhere. The bottom shelves were boxes of mixed up bento items that I had to dig through to find things. I’d find boxes in the weirdest places, it was terrible! Since then though, they’ve really made a great effort to have everything arranged neatly. They even had the Hawaii’s Bento Box for Kids book for sale! Unfortunately there weren’t too many new things. I did pick up a Petit triangle onigiri mold and a couple extras for people to grab up. I’ll have a pic of that next week though.

Here’s an area where they have the lacquer boxes. They finally had “manly” bento boxes for less than 9 dollars so I bought one for Mr. Pikko. ($3.99) I dunno why the men’s ones are always so much more expensive, it’s really annoying.

On Tuesday I had a meeting to go to and afterwards we went to Macaroni Grill at Ala Moana where my awesome boss treated me to lunch. I had the Tuscan Meal, which was a lot of food for a pretty good price! It was so much that I packed half up and ate it on Wednesday, which is why I had no bentos for those two days. Then on Thursday I realized I had a test I hadn’t studied for, so I stayed home to cram. Fat lot of good that did me though. 🙁

Last night we had hamburgers and I know I’ve done hamburgers in a lot of different ways. I got the idea last night to do some animals and so I thought and thought and the only brown animal that came up was a bear. I settled on a teddy bear and as the night wore on I brainstormed a bit on how to do it, but never got around to it. Eventually this morning I had a go and was very happy with how it turned out!

The patty was very thick, so what I did was I cut one in half to make them thinner. The ears were from a third halved patty. I Googled some teddy bear images and found one I liked and used that as a guide for these little guys. I used my snowman cookie cutter to help me make them round and cut with a knife around the cutter. I used his “butt” for the faces and his mid-section for the nose area, which is made of cheese. The nose I cut freehand from nori. The eyes were done with one of my face punchies.

I didn’t have any parsley, so I dug around the fridge until I found a bunch of celery. The leaves made a great backing for the carrot flowers! I stuck the scraps from the hamburger down underneath the rice so that I don’t waste that and the bento still looks nice.