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Sidestreet Chicken (285)

I had more Gina’s leftovers for my bento yesterday, but it turns out, a fly had an appointment with my bento ointment. Usually I set my alarm for 5:30, wake up, set it to 5:45, go back to bed, then repeat in 15 minute increments until 6:15 or 6:30. I find that even with this demented morning ritual, I can usually be ready in time to make us only 5-10 minutes late for school. Not so yesterday!

I woke up suddenly and my brain did a mental shriek. There was SUNLIGHT coming in the window. Apparently in my sleepy state I had simply turned the alarm clock off and went back to bed. It was 7:10, not good. I blame the “cold” air of West Oahu now. I say “cold” because my Allakhazam co-worker Calthine lives in Alaska and it’s apparently in the -30s this week up there in Crazy People Country. So while cold for me is 65F, I’m sure she’d be running around outside in a swimsuit fanning herself like crazy to keep from sweating.

Anyway, my lunch was brought to work in a sad looking Ziploc container, but it still tasted awesome. Today I have some Cornflake Chicken made from a recipe from Sidestreet Inn, which is one of the most popular bars for local food on Oahu. Grandma J got the recipe from What Hawaii Likes to Eat. I have the Big Island version, which I still have to try. I’ll get to it eventually! I mean, it’s got the Cafe 100 loco moco recipe. How can I not try it? I bought this book for my cousin in LA just because of that recipe.

I have one small, boneless piece here, but only about 3/4 of the chicken is visible. The other parts of it are hiding underneath, propping the food up. Next to that I have a small amount of hapa rice, three bell pepper flowers, and some cucumber pickles. In the larger container I made a kim chee crab avocado salad. The avocado is so delicately smooth, it ripened up just right! Here is a closer picture of the chicken:

I’ve been wanting to use my Mr. Bento, but have been too lazy to make any miso soup. I always feel like it’s a waste to eat miso soup without tofu and I don’t have any right now. I’ve tried the silken boxed kind, but I just can’t stand the stuff. It has 4 layers of assorted sized bowls, which will probably end up meaning food, salad, soup, and fruits. Coming soon, hopefully!

I wasn’t all that happy to find that I’d gained a pound this week, but then decided to chalk it up to my exercising. I mean, probably not, but I need a straw to grasp at here. I’ve only eaten a dessert once this week. I thought surely the veggie and fruit snacks were going to be helping me lose at least a half a pound or something. I am miraculously STILL doing my 500 exercises a day. This makes 6 days in a row! I can feel myself getting slightly stronger as I’m able to do more at a time to get to the 100. I still moan like a dying cow when I do the crunches though. +_+