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Help! I LOST My Bento!

Someone posted my site on Digg, help digg it up!

Today is Wednesday, which means one thing…

Lost Numbers Bento

As many of you know, I live on Oahu, which is the same island that LOST is filmed on. All the actors are here… somewhere. I attended the Season 2 premiere at Sunset on the Beach. I’ve met Matthew Fox and got his autograph. Sadly, I haven’t spotted anyone else all these years.

One of the most intriguing parts of the show for me has been the numbers. We haven’t seen them appear on the show in quite some time, so I’m hoping with tonight’s episode with Faraday’s mom we’ll see them come back into play.

I wasn’t all that happy with the right side. I was trying to go for some orchids for The Orchid, but that didn’t really look how I wanted. Oh well.


The first thing I did was print out several sizes of the Lost logo. I don’t like to waste paper and it’s always possible that the size I think is right won’t fit well, so I like to print several sizes. I ended up going with the bottom left one, but I think I should have used the bigger one. I use the leftover paper to catch my scraps as I cut the nori.


Mr. Pikko actually bought me the Fiskars Comfort Grip Micro-Tip Scissorsthat I linked last week for Valentine’s Day and I was pretty upset to go back to Amazon and find that it was like 9 bucks cheaper. I asked him how much he bought it for and it wasn’t the $8.70 price it is right now!! Grrr!! Anyway, I cut a small border around the edges of the letters, then put a strip of nori underneath and cut the letters out that way. The scissors are great!


I chose a rather flat box, since I didn’t have too much rice to work with. I added it to the box and pushed it to the bottom, flattening the top so that I had a nice, flat surface to eventually put the LOST letters down on. Next, I added the chicken wings. This part was rather difficult because the wings weren’t standing up how I wanted them to. Finally, I used one small one as a brace before laying the other three down. Grandma J fries these wings straight out of the freezer. She washes the ice off with water and the water is what helps the flour stick to the chicken before it goes into the frying pan. When they’re golden brown, they soak in a teriyaki sauce. Mmm mmm!

In Step 3, I added broccoli to the middle. There were some gaps, so I broke off parts of one last piece and tucked them in the spaces. Next, I added some support Korean pear slices to the bottom of the right side, then put some raspberries on top. After that, I added the pear flowers. I’d cut them out previously and left them soaking in water so they wouldn’t discolor. The middles I cut out with a small straw. Where needed, I added more raspberries.

For the last step, I added the fish sausage numbers. I cut these out with my fondant letter/number set.


I was afraid I was going to be missing a number, but thankfully they were all accounted for. I sliced the fish sausage and simply pressed the cutters in. Fish sausage is very soft, so the cut is pretty much always clean. To remove them from the cutters I use the butt end of a toothpick to push them out from the inside.

Lost Bento 2

Finally, I added the nori letters. The letters tend to wilt under my lights, so I waited until the very last minute to stick them on. I’d had them stored in a ziplock bag while I made the rest of the bento.

After Jin re-appeared on the island, one of my friends linked me to this:


That is the funniest thing I’ve seen this month. Anyway, I’m off to bed. It’s a frickin’ miracle that I’ve managed to finish a bento at night AND blog about it too. I guess the numbers are lucky for me.

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  • Awesome bento!

  • Keta

    Soooo creative! I was just looking at the fish sausage numbers and thinking that it looks similar to fondant…those are really clean cuts! Do you eat the rice plain or do you have a sauce to put on it?

  • LOL on the Lost graph!
    When I was on Oahu I went to a few of the places that my fave Lost cast members supposedly frequented, but to no avail.
    I did recognize a few mountain ridges though!

  • I love it! I’m a huge LOST fan as well and am definitely excited for tonight’s episode.

    Cue creepy LOST music . . .

  • @Keta The chicken wings are actually pretty saucy, so I just have the rice plain. Add to that I have a bottle of seaweed paste right next to my comp at work!

    @Veganf You must share with me these places….

  • Sam

    haha so cute 🙂

  • Allison

    I love how the nori “LOST” is all shiny/textured in the picture and really looks like the actual logo because it’s not flat. Great job!

  • Here I am, trying to occupy my mind and pass the time until LOST is on. I see I may have to step away from the internet for a while if I don’t want to go crazy with anticipation. That’s really fantastic!

  • i love it!! tho i missed most of LOST tonight (homework drama with the kiddo)…nooooooooo!

  • Molly

    Yummy sounding chicken wings.

    My only Lost sighting was of Jorge Garcia (Hurley) at Ala Moana Shopping Center when the show first started. Hopefully I’ll eventually see Naveen Andrews and Daniel Dae Kim around.

  • Brother

    haha, nice bento.

    I remember seeing Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) at Ala Moana. My eyes nearly peeled to the back of my head in recognition and he gave me this look like OMGDONTSAYATHING! as I walked past him.

    I saw Daniel Dae Kim at Safeway in Hawaii Kai. His car was parked diagonally in two spaces (jerk!). I thought for sure he was gone too after he got arrested.

  • Kelly

    OMG I have to know where you got your cherry blossom cutter that you used for the pears! I’ve been looking for a similar cutter for months and haven’t been able to find one. Too cute!

  • From Japan with Love has one just like it. I punched the center hole myself with a straw.

  • Susan D.

    Hope you don’t mind but my friend who is “LOST” crazy will love this! I’m sending her this picture.

  • careybear

    i don’t watch lost, but i saw jorge garcia at the kailua safeway the one and only time i went there! he looked just like a local. his cart was filled to the max though!

  • lesliemommy

    This is so great! I am such a Lostie!!

  • Here’s a list of where to spot Lost stars:
    I went to Morning Brew a lot, very early too, when you’d think they’d be there. And Lanakai Juice.
    Too bad I didn’t see anybody at Safeway, I was there often enough!

  • Awesome! I get a huge kick out of finding other Losties. Everyone I work with looks at me like a total nerd when I try and describe the show to them.

    Btw- Jorge Garcia (Hurley) has his own blog. Check it out!

  • tells where to spy for Lost cast members.
    I was at Morning Brew early often, and stopped at Lanakai Juice a couple times.
    Didn’t think to glance around Safeway, I was there a lot!

  • You were posted on too 😉

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  • It looks like the price on the scissors has gone back up, but just for future reference, Amazon has a thirty-day price guarantee–if the Amazon price of an item purchased drops within thirty days of your purchase, they’ll refund you the difference. There’s more information in this Slate article. I used this a month or two ago when a book that I ordered dropped in price by almost half before the book was even delivered–they refunded me the difference without any argument.

  • That is too awesome! I had to add it to the LOST soup. Nice job!

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