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Goldilocks and the Three Bears Bento (330)

Today I had a dermatologist appointment at 10 am, so I got up later than usual to start my bento. The stupid part is that last night I had only drawn out my box and where the rice would go, so the rest was all impromptu bentoing. End result is that I ended up late for my appointment, oops!

Goldilocks Bento

At first I was going to make a boy and a girl, but when I had to make the boy’s hair, I had no idea how. Then I started digging through all my food cutters and after going through bears and bunnies and all kinds of silliness, I finally realized that with blonde hair, the girl would make a great Goldilocks. I thought of this while driving the kids to school.

Before I get to the bento details, I’d like to point out that I’m using my only single serving bento box (my other is a giant three tiered monster) made out of metal. This box is available for online purchase from Life Without Plastic, a company founded by parents Chantal and Jay from Canada. The Life Without Plastic site and store is their way of contributing to a healthier planet. In order to further their cause, the folks over at LWP are graciously sponsoring a contest. Keep reading to find out how you can win the bento box I’m using today!

I don’t actually mean you’ll get this box I’m using, ew! I have a new, unopened box for the winner.

This particular box is their 6 inch oval lunch box, made out of stainless steel. It’s actually a pretty big box, I was able to fit a substantial amount of food in it. Sorry, but I have no bentorial today. Doing things on the fly meant I was taking things in and out and in and out to figure out where it should all go.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The rice went in first. I used 1 cup of cooked rice and pushed it all to the side with my shamoji. After that, the lettuce went in. The meat under Goldilocks is chicken katsu, already sliced up. Goldilocks is made out of ham, cheese, carrot, and nori. The piece of broccoli went in next, then the checkered apple, which is resting on a thin slice of apple to give it more height. In between the broccoli and apple are some baby carrot sticks. On the other side of the apple is a slice of Okinawan sweet potato, above the apple I have half a strawberry and a grape tomato.

The three bears are made out of bologna and fish sausage. I used nori for their facial features and sesame seeds for Mama Bear’s eyelashes. I just ate them all. They were yum! Last of all I added three fiori pasta.

Anyway, entering the drawing for the Life Without Plastic bento box is easy. Simply post a comment here with a pledge to replace one of the plastic items you use. The drawing will be open for entries until the end of the month. I will draw a winner by random in the early part of April. One entry per person, please! Please do not leave your email address in the actual comment as that would display it to everyone. Fill your email address into the email box and your address will be revealed to me, but hidden from everyone else.

In a way it’s rather ironic that I, Plastic Bento Accessories Hoarder Extraordinaire, would be hosting a drawing to promote less use of plastic, but in another way I’m probably as good a place to start as any since I obviously have an addiction to plastic products. For my own pledge, I will be replacing all my plastic shamojis (rice scooper) with bamboo shamojis. I even have a mini bamboo one to replace my mini plastic one, which I hold dear to my heart!

Please take some time to look around the LWP site ( They have a lot of great products, including a GORGEOUS cedar bento box that I will be reviewing in the coming week and some metal dish sets for kids that I may end up buying as birthday gifts. Mr. Pikko was concerned about plastics from China long before all the reports began popping up in the news. I have a feeling the arrival of a box of these bowls and cups would be a welcome sight.

Oh, best scene of the night in last night’s Lost?

Sawyer: It’s 1977.
Hurley: Uh… what?

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  • Claire

    Hello! That is a beautiful bento! I want to start playing around more with making faces, they end up so cute.

    I would love to be entered into the contest. I will be replacing my large mixing bowls with pyrex. I had an old set I’ve been meaning to swap out, and I think that the glass ones will mix better, be more sturdy, and be healthier anyway. Thanks for hosting this!

  • Over time I replaced all my plastic mixing bowls with stainless from Sam’s Club. I *love* stainless steel, it’s so easy to clean! Why’d we ever invent Teflon?

    I pledge to find non-plastic salad and dressing container’s for hubby’s non-bento lunches.

  • I am one of those people who avoid plastic as much as possible so I think this is great that you are bringing some attention to this web site. I have a nice collection of stainless steel bento items but I actually have had my eye on that particular box for a while now. One thing I would like to replace is my son’s sippy cups, I only have one klean kanteen but I need several more.

  • nan

    I hope I win!

  • You have to make a pledge Nan!

  • Briana

    I plan on replacing my plastic water bottle. I just ordered a zojirushi tuff mug online so I can take cold water or hot tea to work.

  • ellen67

    I would like to enter. I will give up my Fit and Fresh lunch kit if I win. πŸ™‚

    Your Goldilocks and the Three Bears bento is beautiful! I need to start paying more attention to decoration rather than just using my food picks.

  • I promise to replace my plastic water bottle with a stainless steel one.

  • careybear

    cute bento again! i’m replacing plastic drink bottles that i take to class with a travel mug. today will be my first time using it!

  • koolchicken

    I like how her bangs are curly, it’s a really nice touch. I also like the pasta shapes, I have some gluten free pasta ducks I may try to use.

    I pledge to replace as many of my condiments with glass bottled ones as possiable. And I already started buying only metal water bottles!

  • Ennie

    I will replace my plastic utensils with metal. The tempoered plastic cooking utensils will be replaced with wood and rubber (with metal handles). I have already replaced my plastic shopping bags with cloth ones (And groceries are SO MUCH easier to carry from the ar!) I will also be checking around to find reusable freezer containers that are not made of plastic. Any suggestions will be welcome.

  • Ennie

    Let’s try this again with correct spellings, shall we?

    I will replace my plastic utensils with metal. The tempered plastic cooking utensils will be replaced with wood and rubber (with metal handles). I have already replaced my plastic shopping bags with cloth ones (And groceries are SO MUCH easier to carry from the car!) I will also be checking around to find reusable freezer containers that are not made of plastic. Any suggestions will be welcome.

  • I’m thinking of replacing my plastic tumbler to work for a stainless steel, it’s about time now… πŸ™‚

  • Loolee

    Long time lurker, first time poster here. I saw Calthine’s name and couldn’t resist saying “Hi!” It’s an awful small world.

    It’s funny, I’ve actually been shopping for a nice studly steel lunch box for my hubby’s lunches (I think he’s a bit embarrassed carrying around my girly lunch bag around the rest of the roadwork guys) so committing to losing the plastic isn’t much of a hardship. Still, he’s enjoyed showing off my attempts at creative bentoing, of course, he keeps asking for X-rated lunches. I’m going to have to surprise him some day.

  • I love seeing your bentos. I have already begun getting rid of all my plastic, I have a bumper sticker on my car that says Plastic Blows… BYO bag. I am slowly but surly replacing my Tupperware (OMG you wouldn’t believe the petro products it takes to make Tupperware) with lock and lock glass containers. They are great you can reheat in the microwave and not have to worry about toxins leaching into your foods.
    BTW… the metal bento boxes can sit right on a small coffee cup hot plate to warm your food at your desk. Great in the winter when you want a hot lunch.

  • I pledge to replace my refrigerated storage plastic containers with glass. I like the pyrex containers with glass lids because you can see contents clearly, and also you can stick leftovers straight into the microwave without having to make a transfer. Thanks for starting this!

  • Katie

    Okay, I’ve already replaced my water bottle for stainless, so I’m going to pledge to trade out my plastic storage containers for pyrex ones. I’ve been too lazy to do so and this was a good reminder, thanks ^_^

  • Christine

    I pledge to get rid of all my Glad storage bowls. I am slowly getting into Bento and I’m excited to get away from plastic bags and containers.

    Your bentos are amazing! Wish I was so creative…

  • javapot

    I’m loving this goldie and bear box. great idea.

  • JJ

    I’m replacing plastic water bottles with a re-usable stainless bottle.

  • Cheesecake

    I pledge to replace plastic grocery bags with those clothey ones.

  • Marlena

    I would love this one. I am replacing plastic cups with glass. The stainless steel cups from the website would be great for my little kids 4 and 2 years old. I might have to order one.

  • Courtney

    I love this bento! I love Baby Bear’s cute smile.

    I pledge to stop using plastic utensils and simply take a small metal utensil set with me for lunch.

  • Bridget

    I pledge to pay off my credit card by this time next year! Oh, wait, not that kind of plastic. ^_^

    I pledge to replace my ugly old plastic cutting board with a spiffy new bamboo one. I only cut veggies on it, so no worries about protein contamination.

  • stimps

    I pledge to stop buying small bottles of juice and water, as it’s lazy and wasteful. I can easily get stainless bottles and make up my own drinks to carry around, and I’m sure it’ll end up cheaper in the long run, too. =)

  • I pledge to add at least one non-plastic bento box before my 200th bento post!

  • I love the Goldilocks idea! Those bears are too cute!

    As for the pledge, I have been eyeing the stainless steel water bottles at my local co-op. The price put me off at first, but I think I’ll take the plunge!

  • Annette

    I have used pyrex glassware for over 15 years but have only recently started using plastic. I pledge to not use my plastic rice scooper and replace it w/ my bamboo ones. I also will not send my children to school w/ plastic water bottles but use the steel ones.

  • Tennille

    Hi, I just started reading your blog a couple of days ago, and after reading this I’d like to pledge to stop using one plastic item. I am an environmentalist and kind of outdoorsy, but it’s so easy to forget that plastic is not a good thing when you start using plastic like bento boxes to replace things like paper lunch bags that you might have thrown away. So this post is a nice kick in the head to remind me that I need to do more! I have been in the market for a new water bottle to replace my old smelly Nalgene, so I think I will get a stainless steel bottle instead of a new plastic Nalgene. I think I will also go for one of those wooden utensil and cloth napkin sets I’ve seen on Etsy instead of getting a plastic utensil set, no matter how cheap they are! Thanks for the reminder to be more green.

  • Your tiffen box is too beautiful. I salute your artistic style in creating a complete healthy tiffen for a kid (or an adult also ;-)) by using a classic. Every detail is put down to perfection. It was like reading a food love stody out here. Thanks for a great read.

    Just for your efforts in this article, I pledge to reduce plastic from my life.

  • Othelie

    Bento! Who knew?! I used to use small ones for my girls when they were still taking lunches to school, but I didn’t know what they were. Your Goldilocks is beautiful and inspiring and a little intimidating. I will definately add some of the plainer embellishments right away.

    At our house we no longer buy dozens of small water bottles or sodas. I’ve saved up glass tea bottles with metal lids (Tazo) and we wash and re-use them. Sodas are juice and mineral water, and every few days I make a big pot of iced green or herbal tea and fill up a six-pack of the bottles to keep in the fridge.

    We are saving and washing glass jars of all sizes and using them instead of T****ware for leftovers, spice mixes, etc. We also buy in bulk when we can and keep those things in the jar. I re-use the plastic bags from the store at least once before tossing them.

    So, what next? Well, I won’t replace my small electric hand mixer, I have an old metal rotary model that does the same job in pretty much the same amount of time.
    And I just got a food mill at Goodwill for 5$ that does the work of the blender without electricity.

    And I really like the idea of buying a metal water bottle to replace the old nalgene…..yep, that’s MY pledge. Thanks, Tennille

    And thanks, Pikko, for the inspiration.

  • Susan D.

    I will only use my glass and stainless steel items as much as possible until I’ve replaced enough of my plastic items that I can stop using them all together!

  • Justine

    I’ve slowly started replacing all the plastic in my life. I pledge to keep going; my next goal is to replace my plastic cookware with silicon.

  • Nic

    That Bento is amazing. I love Goldilocks hair. I pledge to use the cloth bags for my shopping instead of the plastic ones they give out.

  • evi

    Goldilocks hair are hands, right? Fantastic, I admire your artwork-lunch, it’s incredible!
    Regarding to plastic: I use reusable bags out of fabric, don’t buy Tupperware or the like (I use plastic-containers that food comes in like ice-cream), I don’t drink any soda just tapwater, I reusereusereuse my water-bottle. That’s the point, though, so I pledge to buy one of those metal water-bottles that can be washed and last forever.
    Oh, and I always buy refills for shampoo and other bathroom-stuff.
    Thank you for the giveaway. evi

  • I pledge to give up my plastic lunchbox. It’s good, big and strong and has cooked me many noodle loads at work.
    I will try to get something steel to match my thermos.

  • Ooohhh, I need a smaller stainless bento to fit in my son’s lunchbox…I’ll pledge to use it for the boys since I have to make so many lunches for them.

    – Krista

    And adorable bento today!

  • iya

    I pledge to replace my measuring implements with stainless cups, and to not pick plastic when it’s time to check out at the grocery! πŸ™‚

  • Gayle Erwin

    I am replacing my desposible water bottles with a stainless steel on. Better for the planet and my wallet.

  • Patty

    I pledge to replace my plastic cooking utensils with Wooden ones. They’re better anyway.

  • What a cute bento and how creative on Goldilock’s hair. I have just replaced my plastic drinking bottles and travel cups with SS ones and they’re so much better especially as they don’t hold on to flavors.

  • Tia

    I love seeing your bento’s every day. They give me inspiration.
    I pledge to replace all my Plastic spatulas with Wood or steel

  • Kaoru

    Once again, a fantastic bento!

    I will buy and use a SIGG bottle to keep me from buying bottled water when I’m away from home!

  • Rhopalocera

    I will replace my plastic food picks with bamboo ones and my plastic utensils with metal.

    Beautiful bento! My daughter loves the Goldilocks story.

  • hannah

    i plan to stop using tupperware! i have lots of old pickle and salsa jars that could i could use instead!

  • Jennifer

    Lovely Bento! I would love the metal Bento, I’ve been loving the idea of using up leftovers/having a healthier lunch for my family, but wondering about the safety of the plastic. This would be perfect!

  • Paluka

    Long time lurker, first time poster… (well not that long in fact, mybe two or three weeks)
    Another “so cute” bento πŸ™‚ I wish I could find the willpower to start making bentos πŸ˜›

    And I pledge to stop using plastic bottles and get a stainless steel one, maybe from LWP, I love their stock. Same goes with my lunches. As soon as I find some boxes with a lid, without plastic and that I can safely nuke in the microwave, I’ll stop using plastic ones. (I have no way to get a ceramic plate to warm my food in while I’m at school. I would have to bring my lunch in a plastic bag, which is NOT better…And more, it will probably end up stolen…)

    And I pledge to buy a wooden or glass cutting board instead of plastic when I’ll move in appartment next fall.

    That is the most I can do while I’m still living with my parents as there is absolutly no way I’ll make them stop using plastic container to store leftovers.

  • Tiffany

    I will replace the plastic containers I pack my boyfriend’s lunch in with this one. He’s one of those guys who wouldn’t mind bringing a bento to work, however he doesn’t like my cute boxes so this would be perfect! I’m going to check out their other products as I’m sure they have a great selection.

  • Christina

    I’ve been following your site for awhile but have not commented. But I absolutely love all the bento/bentorials you do. They all look so pretty & delicious. I really want to start learning how to do them. For my next box purchase, I will pledge not to buy a plastic box. Thanks for sharing all your great bentos!!!!

  • Colleen

    My husband and I are going to quit drinking soda and make koolaid in our big glass drink container instead. I’d also love to swap out husband’s plastic bento for a (more manly, lol) metal one.

  • beautiful as always!

    Hmmm… I pledge to not buy polyester (also a plastic) blend clothing and replace it with something happier. Maybe that new bamboo fiber? I can’t get rid of what I have because they would fill landfills unnecessarily. Sorry. I am a big freecycler.

  • If I would win, I would replace one of the plastic boxes I use for a bento box.

  • Does it count that I just bought some new wooden mixing spoons to replace the cheapo plastic ones I’d been (barely) using? I’m still keeping the plastic ones until they break as it would be wasteful to throw them out, but now I can avoid using them with anything hot, which is just a recipe for disaster with anything plastic.

  • Karrie

    I pledge to always bring my canvas grocery bags to the supermarket instead of getting plastic bags.

  • I actually made a swap recently by buying a Sigg aluminum water bottle. Buying plastic water bottles (even though I recycled them) made me feel really guilty to the point where I stopped drinking water outside of the home, which isn’t the best idea. I honestly use it all the freaking time now. It’s really handy and I feel great about not using all that plastic!

  • Karen

    I am replacing my plastic food containers with tempered glass ones. They’re a little heavier, but don’t have that unnerving plasticy smell after being microwaved.

  • I would like to join your contest as well! Now that I am thinking about it, we don’t have very many plastic dishes at least, in our house. I recently replaced my plastic water bottle for work with a stainless steel one. I’m also looking into replacing the tuperware my parents gave me to store things like flour and sugar in.

    I love your bentos too!

  • Nancy

    Last year I purchased a stainless steel travel mug and I love using it. It’s so nice to drink out of something substantial and not flimsy. Keeps drinks warmer much longer than a plastic one, too.

    I also started using canvas bags consistently instead of plastic store bags. I can “advertise” my causes that way too. πŸ™‚ My favorite canvas tote says, “RECYCLE – Adopt a Greyhound”.

    For the future, I’d like to replace some of my plastic bentos and small containers with wooden, stainless or glass ones. I have a couple of small tins, but would like to find more in different sizes. I also would like to purchase a nice stainless water bottle soon.

  • Jess

    I pledge to replace all plastic bags with cloth bags.

  • Teri

    I pleadge to replace my plastic water bottle with stainless steel.
    Very cool bento of Goldilocks and 3 bears!

  • emii

    Absolutely cute bento creation! I’ve already phased out a huge majority of plastic-ware in my family’s life. A good read is Environmental Working Group’s article about plastics & BPA… actually the whole website is a good read, as well as an eye-opener.

    My pledge would be to be consistent w/ bringing canvas bags for shopping.

  • I pledge to replace some of my plastic water gear (and my son’s!) – and I would specificially use this kind of bento when camping with the Boy Scouts!

  • Lisa Lambeth

    I believe Goldilocks is my favorite bento that you have made! Very creative!

    I pledge to replace my Ziploc freezer bags with glass containers. I already have 1 glass container for the purpose and when I get a coupon I am going to buy some more. πŸ™‚

  • Robin

    Love LWP products. I’ve already done some switching away from plastic – water bottles, shopping bags, utensils — but I could do more so my pledge is to replace the plastic 1-tier bento box I’ve started carrying in my bag to use for restaurant leftovers to a stainless steel one [hmm, like the one in the contest!].

  • Jennifer

    I pledge to buy canvas grocery bags to bring to the store so I can avoid the plastic grocery bags.

  • Pam Davis

    So cute! I just don’t budget my time well enough to do more than throw leftovers into my boxes…


    I pledge to actually use my re-usable shopping bags. I pledge to get rid of the last of my plastic utensils and cereal bowls. And I pledge to replace my plastic mixing bowls with stainless steel. (Which is really an excuse to go shopping and honor my first pledge…)

  • Natasha

    I was thinking of buying my own portable cutlery set for when I’m on the go instead of using disposable plastic ones which are everywhere. Your posting has just given me that extra push to do so! Thanks for the ideas and happy bento-ing~!

  • Vanessa

    You said you used a stencil to make the hands or used a book? Which book? I am very interested!! I really enjoy reading your blog and gaining inspiration! ^_^

    I pledge to buy a metal water bottle to reuse. I also plan on buying a purifier for the tap water instead of one gallon jugs. I also pledge to buy stainless mixing bowls and pyrex storage containers.

  • Chris

    I am super new to bento and use the tupperware (gasp) disposable boxes for bento boxes right now – so I really could use a metal box to help me use less plastic! I pledge to use less plastic, win or loose!

  • I have a metal Thermos Lunch box at the moment, hope to add a Thermos metal mug soon to replace my plastic water container.

  • Kenisha

    Hm, probably the biggest change I’m making is to buy a stainless steel water bottle; I buy bottled water almost every school day but it uses an unbelievable amount of resources for just one bottle! o_o

  • Mo

    Hello! I would love to enter the contest. I’ve been looking to replace my plastic bento box with something metal and this looks perfect!

  • Cool, I’d like to replace my plastic container I use to bring my lunch to work. And I have been looking at those metal water bottle things lately….I think those are cool, too.

  • I’d love to replace my horde of tupperware that break once every so often with a stainless steel box!

  • I pledge to replace my cheapo plastic colander with a metal one (maybe from this site you are referring to!)

    My 5 yo LOVES your bentos – I have bentos (from j-list) but they are all apart and I cant find all the pieces – would be great to get a new one to get started with the 5 yo! She especially loves hello kitty bentos πŸ™‚

    Now – how about non-plastic hello kitty cutters and other bento accessories!

  • I am now pledging to reduce plastic. I have already begun using cloth bags for grocery shopping and I have been using more eco-friendly bottles instead of buying plastic bottles. The plastic I do have, I am doing my best to reuse or find other uses for it without just tossing it in the trash. Good luck to everyone on the contest. (:

  • Anne

    I pledge to replace my plastic cooking utensils with metal ones πŸ™‚

  • Pattie

    I no longer use plastic “silver”ware for lunches – I used metal. I replaced my plastic drink bottle with metal. I use a Ms Bento stainless Zojirushi for packing my lunch. I pledge to rid my home of plastics!

  • I’d loe to take part in your draw and I pledge to replace my boring plastic rice bowls with lacquer ware!

  • awesome drawing idea!

    i pledge to stop using zip top baggies – i’m going to get some of those reusable ones…which i can’t think of the name of right now.

  • I’ll join the pledge πŸ™‚

    We already use cloth bags for groceries, some hand made, some the kind the store offers. But each week we still come home with produce bags. So I pledge to get sheer fabric to make my own vegetable bags. Yay!

  • kayte

    I, too, pledge to stop relying so heavily on ziplocks and get the reusable insulated ones. Hooray!

  • Autumn

    I pledge to slowly phase out tupperware in favor of stainless steel and glass. I have already mostly cut out ziplocs and plan to order stainless steel water bottles.

  • Sandra

    When I go grocery shopping, I will bring a canvas tote, or only use paper bags instead of plastic ones.

  • I will definitely replace plastic bags with reusable ones. I’m also getting rid of a lot of plastic in the kitchen!

  • Sadako

    I promise to replace my plastic water bottle with a stainless steel one also~

  • I pledge to rid my cupboards of my gladware!

  • Aimee S.

    Pikko – You are my inspiration….Pikko! New to this and am totally obsessed in only like 2 weeks. I don’t care if I win…just wanted to post…I LOVE me some LOST and you kill it every time! Been making my Bento lunches for hubby…and sending the pics to my friends and family. They can’t get enough! I have no idea what plastic stuff I can replace with something else as I don’t really have any true Bento supplies YET. Just ordered some new stuff. Sure, plastic sucks but isn’t the whole point to make whatever you do have reusable? I ordered stuff today that is totally reusable and since I’m a CHEAPO…the stuff I got is stuff that will be around for awhile! Again, don’t care if I win…just wanted to get on the board and say YOU ROCK GIRL!!!

  • emily

    I will stop using plastic silverware at work.

  • Anne

    I pledge to find some alternative to a plastic bento box.

    Ps. Your bentos are always amazing and I am really envious πŸ˜› One day I hope to be as awesome at it as you! (:

  • Aimee S.

    I didn’t think about the plastic utensils….that’s easy for me anyway, I always send my husband to work with a fork from home to eat his Bento lunch with!

  • Michelle

    Well, it’s not plastic, but I’m gradually replacing my Teflon cookware with good ol’ cast iron pans. Does that count? πŸ™‚

  • Zephalinda

    I vow to replace my plastic storage containers

  • Just this past week while shopping at Costco I found these glass storage containers. I pledge to buy them so that I can get rid of the plastic ones in my drawer.

  • What a great idea! I pledge to get rid of my plastic chop sticks and replace them with metal ones. I will also go get some metal eating utensils to use at lunch time instead of my plastic ones. I have already managed to get rid of most of my plastic cups (my boyfriend wanted to keep some that he got at events) and will be looking into getting some glassware for food storage instead of plastic containers.

    Thanks for the contest!


  • I’d love to be entered! I am about 90% plastic-free, here. I highly recommend Sigg’s line of coated aluminum water bottles. they are super-light. I have been saving every glass jar I buy to keep leftovers in to take to school, or to store nasty Chinese herbal decoctions, but they can be very heavy. great contest idea!

  • Lesley

    I pledge to replace my plastic canister set with a stainless steel set.

  • i pledge to replace all the plastic drinking cups in my house! the metal ones stay colder anyway! πŸ˜€

  • PandaManda

    I Pledge to get rid all of my plastic cookie cutters, and then replace them! (butterfly… T-T)

  • Kathe

    I’m purchasing a new stainless steel water bottle to replace the disposable plastic ones I use.

  • CΓ©line

    That’s a good project indeed ! I wish them luck… ^-^
    There’s my take : I pledge to replace the plastic bottle and cookie cutters with stainless steel ones. ^^

  • Hi! Thanks for all the inspiration! I will replace my daily work plastic water bottle with my recent Sigg purchase!

  • Rain

    HOLY MOLY! are you even going to see this way down here? I know how to do boys hair if someone hasnt already said. Its pretty much two lemon shapes one larger then the other. Think like clark kent. big lemon covers for the most part the top of the head small lemon covers the side. i can send you a diagram if i explained that badly. Oh and my pledge would be to get rid of the disposable salad dressing (mayo/thick sauce whatever)cups my husband brings to work and forgets to bring home to reuse cause they are “cheap plastic.” I can even pledge to stop sending his food to work in a plastic shopping bag and splurge on a bento box for him. (what a sacrifice)

  • I absolutely adore your blog – my attempts at bento are too funny when compared to your beautifully constructed boxes.

  • Great bento again Pikko! Very nice πŸ™‚

    My solemnly pledge is that I’ll be using more stainless steel items in my bento boxes, and all my mixing bowls should also be stainless steel!!

  • What a cute bento!! I wish I had the motivation/talent to construct such cuteness.

    I have my eye on some reusable cloth produce bags so that I don’t have to use the plastic ones that the grocery store provides. I’ll ask for those as a birthday gift since my birthday is just around the corner. I’ll also pledge to put a few reusable shopping bags in my car so that I have them on hand every time I hit the grocery store unexpectedly.

  • Michele

    I don’t have much plastic around here but I will find *something* to replace if I win this bento!

  • I pledge to get a stainless steel container to replace my plastic ones and do away with the plastic cups at home, to be replaced with glassware~ πŸ™‚

  • xphile3kids

    I love your Goldilocks bento, please enter me for the drawing! I don’t have an actual bento box now, but I would use the metal box instead of Tupperware or Ziplock baggies. Thank you!

  • Sara without the ‘H’

    I pledge to replace those icky plastic storage containers, especially the ones I’m sending to school with my children.

  • Thanks for the contest! I would promise to get rid of my plastic water bottles. Absolutely.

  • these are so cute! I have been replacing my tupperware with steel when I see them.

  • Nancy

    I will give up all of my plastic drinking cups and replace with glass ones. I am just learning about bento boxes as I have a 2.5 year old who will be going to “school” soon and I refuse to send her with the typical horrible lunch items. She is a great eater and I don’t want that to change once she is around others!!

  • helen

    I would definitely give up a plastic item for this beauty.

  • Definitely no more pseudo-disposable plasticware from the supermarket. And, I will begin bringing my own stainless containers to restaurants for take-out.

  • Sally

    I have replace my driving-to-work coffee cup with a stainless steel tumbler, it is a wonderful thing. We use too much plastic.

  • Allison

    Cute bento! I pledge to give up my plastic bags for bulk items by bringing cloth produce bags/glass containers to the market!

  • Desude

    I want to replace my cheap plastic fancy cup with…a real glass fancy cup! Also, replace my plastic forks with more real forks.

  • Brandy

    I will replace the containers I use for lunch with corelle dishes that my mother bought me

  • I would replace some of the “reusable” plastic containers that I bought at jewel. I don’t have too many bento items, so I can’t really choose from those πŸ™‚

  • Amanda

    I pledge to replace my plastic utensils at work with reusable steel utensils in order to stop creating so much garbage.

  • Wendymoon

    I’ve been replacing plastic storage containers with glass. Cool bento!

  • Anna

    I’ve been gradually cutting out a lot of plastic from our household use for a while. It helped that my family growing up was not very into plastic use. Anyway, the hold outs are the plastic cups and bowls that my daughter uses, plastic storage bags, and our lunch containers. I’m going to pledge to stop using the plastic dishes for my daughter. She’s six, it’s time to start using the adult dishes on a regular basis. Oh! I almost forgot. Since she LOVES to use straws, I’m going to get her a stainless steel reusable one and stop buying the plastic ones. I don’t know what to do about the storage bags, though…

  • Karen

    I pledge to replace some of my plastic storage containers with glass ones!

    I eliminated plastic bags via bento boxes but looking for more areas to switch.

  • Jayne

    I promise to try not to hoard any more cute plastic containers for the kids….sigh. =)

  • I pledge to actually remember to take my cloth grocery bags with me this week.

    – Cesia.

  • I pledge to replace one of my plastic bento boxes with a stainless steel one WHEN I win it! πŸ™‚

  • Love your blog and the fact that you’re encouraging people to get rid of their plastic! I have unfortunately accumulated quite a bit of plastic containers and would love the chance to get started replacing them!

  • Christine

    This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen – I definitely would like to be entered in this giveaway – I pledge to replace my plastic waterbottles with stainless steel (I’ve already begun this process).

    Now I’m going to run off and visit the rest of this amazing site! πŸ™‚

  • My husband gave up using plastic lunch baggies for all his lunch and snacks and switched to smaller plastic containers that I can re-use and wash, which does save on all the baggies, but are still plastic. I think my pledge will be to swap out my plastic drink pitcher in the fridge for a glass one! YAY!

  • Alexandira

    This is so cute! I need to start making lunches like this ^^ I might actually eat better.

    I will replace all of my plastic spatualas at home with wooden or metal. I will recycle most of my Tupperware and keep only the essentials if I cannot find a more suitable metal, glass or wooden replacements.

  • Midknyt

    I will use this to replace one of my plastic tubberware-type containers. Yeah, I’m a budget bento person, sadly.

  • birdie

    I want to be in the contest! I will finally replace the plastic mug I use to bring ice tea to school everyday.

  • I really enjoy your bentos. You are a food artist!!

    I am going to replace y plastic water bottle with a stainless steel water bottle. :o)

  • silver.

    I’m replacing plastic grocery bags with cloth ones. Well, trying to. I keep forgetting them. -_-

    (Oh, and if I won, it would give me an excuse to throw out my plastic “bento” boxes. :P)

  • Edronda

    I pledge to replace my plastic container for lunch. I’m just getting into making bentos for lunch, and I am soo hooked!

  • Carla Prine

    I would love to replace my tiny, 2-tiered, plastic bento box that I purchased off of eBay. I have been using it for almost a year, and who knows what kinds of chemicals it leeches into my food before I get a chance to eat it!!

  • I’ve stopped using plastic silverware. I pledge to phase out my plastic spatula, cooking utensils etc. and replace them with bamboo =)

  • Oooh, goody, I love stainless in all forms. I will replace my plastic chopsticks with nice wooden ones. And also, one of my plastic bentos with this nice stainless one πŸ˜‰

  • Dawn

    I plan to replace my son’s plastic bento box!

  • Holly

    I’ve already have a sigg water bottle and ss coffee mugs galore. And I replaced plastic tupperware with glass recently, but I definately need more. So my vow is to replace even more of my storage containers with glass. Also to buy my niece and nephew some sigg or kk sippy cups.

  • We have plastic bento boxes, and I would love to get stainless steel instead for all five of us, but it is SO expensive for a family our size. I will do it in little bits, but it is going to take me a while. Instead, I will pledge to get rid of all of my kids’ plastic tumblers and replace them with metal tumblers instead. When I was little, I used to love drinking icy cold water from my colorful metal tumbler on a hot summer day, and plastic just isn’t the same. I think I am even going to start requesting that restaurants not give my kids the plastic cups as well, and just give them adult cups instead. I always think those plastic cups are so wasteful, so I bring them home and wash and reuse them, but I’d rather not have them at all!!

  • Julie

    I am going to replace our plastic sippy cups.

    I have both plastic and glass bento boxes. When my three year old preschooler sees me starting to pack lunch she always requests that I use a glass one. I think she really likes that it feels more substantial.

  • Les M

    I have already replaced plastic water bottles with stainless ones (mostly Sigg – too many others are too thin); I pledge to replace the thermal plastic bowls with stainless, and the last of the plastic sandwich containers (at least they’re reuseable ones! ;))

  • Samantha

    I pledge to use reusable metal chopsticks instead of plastic forks and spoons. I also pledge to carry my own water instead of bottled water.

  • Beth

    I have already replaced water bottles with some aluminum ones, for home and work. I also carry reuseable shopping bags for most things. And I take metal utensils to work for my lunch.
    I pledge to start replacing my plastic food storage containers with glass containers.

  • Vanessa S

    I pledge to try and bring my lunch sandwiches to work in something other than a ziplock baggie!!

  • jennifer

    I pledge to stop sending disposable plastic forks and spoons in my kids lunches and repalce them with small stainless steel forks and spoons.

  • ikkinlala

    May Canadians enter? I don’t use a lot of plastic, but I pledge to replace our plastic storage containers with glass jars.

  • Emily

    I pledge to actually remember to take my darn cloth bags grocery shopping, I hate forgetting and having to cart home new disposable plastic ones! I also pledge to keep a metal fork in my bag, so I never have to grab a plastic one when I realize at school that eating my bento with chopsticks is going to be a challenge, or I forget my chopsticks altogether.

  • Amy B

    I pledge to repair my cloth grocery bags so I won’t have to bring home those flimsy plastic ones anymore!

  • monica

    love th blog, thanks!

  • John Mc

    Reading this I am impressed with people’s efforts to reduce the plastic in their lives and the impact it has on the world. There are some vreative ideas in the above comments. Kudos to all. We have some tupperware that we inherited from my mother. It has sentimental value, but as a better legacy I would like to replace it with non-plastic containers. I have a few wood containers, but a cool metal one would be great for items that are acidic and it would be easier to travel (lunch) with then the oak containers we have. Kepp up the good works.

  • kuzatab

    I would LOVE to replace my cheap plastic bentos with metal and glass products (as they wear out, I don’t see the need to replace if they are still usable). And I am trying not to buy new plastic ones.

  • Kim

    I’m going to try use my reusable grocery bags all the time and turn down plastic bags when I’m shopping.

  • Janice

    love your website, my girl actually chooses what she likes and ask me to “imitate. thanks for the many ideas.

    We already use reusable grocery bags for all our shopping and hv replaced most of my tupperware wif pyrex/glassware.. now I pledge to go the extra mile and since my kids are older, I can finally get rid of all their kiddy plastic ware, (bottles, bento boxes, cups, utensils) one at a time..

  • Liessa

    Wow, I really love this bento!
    I’ve just started myself, and am already in love with all the cute things that are available for bento’s. Unfortunately, almost none are available in Holland, where I live. But, thanks to my handy creditcard, and inventive shopping I’m expanding my collection of bento-related items. I currently use a tupperware box, but as it isn’t watertight I’ve already had a bag full of oil…

    I pledge to replace my plastic strainer with a stainless steel one, because it looks much better, and works exactly the same. And my plastic chopping boards with wooden ones, because I found a bit of plastic in my food this week. Eeeeew!

  • I pledge to replace my plastic water bottle. I need to find a more permanent container.

  • What an awesome bento! I have a laptop lunch box but haven’t done much artsy bento with it yet (my son is not in school yet, but when he is…look out!).

    I’m also a Lost junkie, and I loved the scene last week when Sayid shot the kid version of Ben. I gasped because of the shock!

  • Quanda

    I pledged to use my reusable grocery tote bags more often instead of the plastic, grocery bags @ the store.

  • I do use a plastic rice scooper! I pledge to look for a bamboo one, that just sounds better!
    I have actually found wooden baby spoons that my toddler enjoys using more than plastic (and he looks so cute eating oatmeal with it), and also stainless steel chopsticks are another great find that I am proud of. I like them because they are easy to sterilize.

    What is an unplastic version of plastic grass?

  • lexie

    i pledge to use my sigg water bottle for all beverages (save anything hot, since that could end terribly), and replace my plastic bento boxes with glass/metal boxes. πŸ™‚

  • Leaf

    Thanks for the link to LWP – I really like their site. Also, I’m impressed with your bento-making skills. I’ve been trying to make mine more decorative, but I still haven’t managed to make my checkered apples look very good yet, let alone everything else. Yours is great!

    I’ve already switched out my plastic Nalgene for a stainless steel waterbottle, and I’ve been very happy with the shift. As I’m moving out of my tiny dorm room in about a month, I pledge to buy real dishes to replace all of the cheap plastic ones I have lying around. I really love ceramics, so I’m hoping to find either some nice ones made by a local artist, or something cheap at a local thrift store.

  • Rachael

    I plan on replacing my pastic water bottle with metal. I also plan on getting rid of our old plastic utensils.

  • scraggyheed/Andrea

    I already use canvas and jute shoppers for my groceries, and have a metal water bottle, but what I’m really trying to cut down on and weed out is all of the plastic packaging used in supermarkets.
    I’ve started to going to my local independant butchers and greengrocers as I can put the fruit and veggies straight into my shopper or paper bags, and my meat doesn’t come in those horrensous plastic containers beloved of the big supermarkets.

  • ginkgogirl

    I love Goldie’s locks so much. Cute as can be! As for giving up plastic, and some cardboard; I pledge to bring my own stainless-steel tiffin to pick up my next dinner from the local Chinese take-out.

  • I love bento boxes πŸ™‚ I have been looking into getting one for my husband to take to work, the only catch is him not packing a lunch each day…Hmmph!

    Thanks for the chance! πŸ™‚

  • C

    will buy steel bottles instead of plastic ones for the next round

  • I pledge to replace my plastic drinking bottles!

  • Dani

    This is a beautiful bento, very inspiring. I pledge to start using cloth shopping bags.

  • Marie

    My daughter loves your Goldilocks and bears!!! We’ll pledge to stop using plastic to wrap sandwiches, and get better at using brown paper bags or a fabric sandwich wrap.


    I pledge to replace all my plastic one piece at a time with stainless steel. I have already started.

  • katie k

    replacing the plastic water bottle with a stainless steel kleen kanteen!

  • Cecily

    I want to replace the plastic water bottles I reuse time and time again with a stainless steel bottle. I also want to stop putting my sandwiches in little baggies, and instead order a nifty cloth bag for them.

  • mee

    The bento looks awesome! I just like to see all these pretty bentos, I don’t think I have the patience to make one :(. Anyway, would love to enter the draw. I pledge to never use a plastic water bottle ever again (I have the steel one but use plastic sometimes).

  • Even if you did not plan the bento above it looks GREAT! Sometimes impromptu stuff can turn out exceptionally beautiful!

    I have been looking around for a nice metal bento box too (size + height) but can’t really find any. I pledge to use fresh ingredients as dividers so I will use less of those plastic/silicon cups. πŸ™‚

  • Monique D.

    I pledge to ditch plastic water bottles and buy my son, daughter and myself Sigg bottles. I also like the idea of trading in plastic spoons for bamboo- there is something more palatable about bamboo! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • bpod

    What a beautiful box! I pledge to recycle five plastic food storage containers and replace them with a non-plastic alternative (maybe some of the LWP airtight metal ones?)

  • Anne Marie

    I will replace my last plastic bowl if I win!

    Your bento lucnhes are the cutest! So much love. Lukcy are the ones that get a lunch made from you (including you!).

    Crossing my fingers πŸ™‚

  • Maria

    I have pledge to replace all of my plastic cooking utensils with bamboo. I am paranoid about them melting into the food and leeching chemicals, so this will kick start me into gear.

    You have such cute bentos all the time. I am a bento novice and aspire to your skill.

  • Melissa

    I’ve been slowly losing the plastic, one item at a time as I can afford to replace them (and I don’t just chuck them…I donate them or recycle). I will continue to do so and find ways to keep plastic out of my home. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway.

  • Arlene Lawson

    I have already replaced my cutting boards with bamboo

  • Denise

    I feel tremendous guilt every time I use a Ziploc bag. I have basically eliminated almost all other disposable plastic. But the one place I still use far too much is with the drinkable yogurts (which I recycle). I will find a way to buy (or make) this in bulk and use some type of permanent container.

  • Black Sheep Dancing

    I’ve already done away with sandwich bags and hope to get some metal salad dressing containers to replace the ones I have.

  • oolongtea

    I am replacing my ziplocs with re-usable fabric snack bags.

  • I’ve just recently started taking my own totes to the grocery instead of letting the bagger get away with putting one to two items in any given plastic bag. Even though I brought the plastic bags in for recycling, it’s an unnecessary waste.
    I’m also turning to boxing my own lunch now that I have my own apartment to cook in, and until now have been simply considering reusing plastic tupperware, but your giveaway will let me do one better! Plus, my boyfriend would certainly let me pack lunch for him if it was in stainless steel.

  • StarsOfCASSiOPEiA

    The only bento box I’ve got it three tiers of plastic. T-T It’s a bit frustrating for me in that sense because I can’t really heat it up and I have to wash all three tiers by hand when I use it. Then my Mum gets all paranoid about food poisoning and such, and insists on using it to just store things like granola bars and plastic-wrapped sandwiches, which kind of defeats the purpose.

    So a metal bento not only will make my Mum feel more comfortable about REAL bento lunches, but allow me to make a wider variety of foods!

  • I’ve stopped using ziplocs for my kids lunch sandwiched and made my own sandwich wraps to keep them fresh.

    thank you for offering this giveaway

  • Tieng

    Nice giveaway! I’ve already eliminated my plastic cups, plates and cutlery so now I pledge to replace my plastic drinking bottles with stainless steel.

  • I love the spirit of this giveaway! I pledge to use a stainless steel (thank you Eclipse) water bottle instead of plastic bottles for all my geocaching, kayaking, and fishing adventures (i.e., pretty much all the time). Cheers!

  • Amanda

    I absolutely pledge! What a wonderful idea for a giveaway!

  • Meghan

    I pledge to stop buying plastic cutlery to take for lunch on campus. Instead, I’ll suck it up and wash my metal cutlery each day.

  • Wow, tons of comments! I pledge to finish ridding my cupboard of all our plastic containers, and replacing them with glass or stainless steel ones!

  • No more plastic silverware for me! πŸ™‚

  • Does this count as an entry?

    My boyfriend loves metal, so I managed to get a couple metal boxes for him (of which I then got a little jealous and kind of wished I had more metal box options for both of us..), and I have an on-going pledge now to replace any plastic containers and divider cups I would pack in those with metal or glass when I can find some. I’m keeping an eye out for small candle tins and candy tins and such that could be used.

  • I’m already in love with your website and am adding you to my food-related blogroll. You’re so creative, and so adept at creating a really beautiful picture, not just what I do, filling a cute box with ordinary food cut smaller. I hope to learn much from you.

    I pledge to (1) RE-USE all the plastic that I already own, instead of throwing it out just because I found a better non-plastic item; (2) RECYCLE the plastic I currently own when it’s worn out, instead of tossing it into the garbage, and (3) REPLACE my big plastic thermal mugs with stainless steel ones today at Whole Foods, and begin using the new mugs with the onset of Passover next Wednesday night.

  • Eileen

    I pledge to replace my plastic utensils with stainless steel ones. I pack a breakfast for myself and my daughter and a lunch for my son on the weekdays. That adds up to a lot of plastic. I just bought some cute utensils (even chopsticks) in their own holders. The kids will love it!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Silvia

    I don’t like plastic containers very much if I have to I use reusable ones. I use metal boxes which looks really great too. ^-^

  • Tammy

    I’m just learning about Bentos and enjoyed your site tremendously. I pledge to buy bento accessories made of materials other than plastic.

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  • Chely

    A very nice bento!

    I pledge to acquire a stainless steel water bottle and stop using my plastic one. And use my reusable bags more often.

  • Jody Tracy

    I pledge to get a reusable container and stop using those darned ziplock baggies!!! I use too many of them!

  • Awesome stuff, I really enjoyed reading, thank you.