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Cheese Froggies Bento (466)

Buddy was feeling much better today, but his preschool’s policy says that he can’t come back the next day, so I am bringing him in to work today for a few hours until either Mr. Pikko can take a shift or Grandpa can watch him. Since I had to assume he’d be here for lunch, I decided to pack up the leftover miso soup I made for him yesterday for lunch today. I used a new thermal lunch jar that I got at 20% off at Shirokiya. I bought the green frogs one because it was cute and neutral between genders.

Froggies Bento

In order to let myself sleep in this morning, I made the frog faces last night, packed the rice and soup up, and put everything in the fridge. All I had to do this morning was add the facial features, parsley, and butterflies and I was done. This took less than 10 minutes including boiling time for the carrots.

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The frogs are cut out from white cheese with a bear cutter. If you imagine the frog head shape by itself, you can see that the eyes are where the bear’s ears usually go. I used fish sausage cut with a fat straw to make the mouth. The eyes and nostrils are punched from nori.


To color the frogs, I used two drops of neon green food coloring and painted it on with a toothpick. I let it dry in the fridge overnight. I was really happy with the end color. The jar portion holds the miso soup and tofu.

Do you like my little fuzzy animals? I picked them up at Ben Franklin. They’re those little fuzzy things that people use to make pins and stuff. I thought they’d make the perfect little spring/Easter friends. The little duckie is my favorite. ^_^

I have two blue boxes for my Docubentory bit today. I think I got this one at Marukai 99 back when it was still a horrendous mess of a store. It’s a two tier box with side snaps.

This one I know I got at Marukai 99, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t $1.99 when I bought it. The bottom is basically the exact same color as the other box, but this one is only one tier. It has an inner cover with a place for chopsticks or snacks.

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  • I love the froggies! And the cute froggie bento jar! What a fun and tasty lunch 😀

  • leslie

    They are adorable! What a great idea for a bear mold… I will get a lot more use out of mine now – lol. I was thinking, I wonder what would happen if you tried using a small paint brush to put the food coloring on a large surface like the frog faces? I think it would work well, and save you a lot of time! I think the little yellow duckie is cute, too!

  • Adri

    Adorable, I love the use of the bear mold, it works so well! Glad Buddy is feeling better today!

  • Aw, glad the little one is better! Love these spring like froggies.

  • Shelly

    That is so springy (is that word?) and colorful! I love the idea of using bear cutters for frogs. Very cute!

  • What a cool idea to use a teddy bear cutter for a frog! The little fuzzy animals in the background are really sweet – the bunny reminds me of Sylvanian Families for some reason. :o)

  • Oh I just love that froggy tiffin! Too cute!!!


    THIS SITE ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSS!1111111111111111111111111111111

  • Clara

    Love your website! I am interested in buying this froggy thermal lunch jar for my daughter, can you tell me the full name of this lunch tiffin and where I can find it? Thank you.

  • Hi Clara, I bought it a while back at Shirokiya and I recently went back there and they don’t even have their kitchen section anymore!