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Yippee Ki Yay!

So far I’ve been happy with the little response I’ve gotten to my bento blog plugging and I’ve already got someone new to point you to, which is What are you eating!?!? by nekonoai. Nekonoai bentos for herself and occasionally for her parents. Be sure to check out her blog and let her know what you think! If you have a blog that you’d like me to help people discover, feel free to post about it on the AIB forums!

At the top of Nekonoai’s blog is the line, “My Bento, let me show you it.” which totally reminded me of that stupid cat picture about “Pokemans”. It’s one of my favorite lolcat images, so I had to make one of my own.

LOL! Oh man, I hate to toot my own horn but that just cracks me up.

So why am I calling this post “Yippee Ki Yay!”? It’s because I’m eating Mini Sirloin Burgers for lunch!

Yeah, I know, it’s an incredibly stupid bento. What can I say, I’m a sucker for free food. At Hawaii Jack in the Box restaurants, they’re giving out free mini sirloin burger samples to anyone who asks. We went last night and got four. We split one when we got home and I took two for lunch and ate one for breakfast.

The reason I put the cheese letters is because these little things don’t have enough cheese. The bun is cute, but the meat is kinda nasty looking because you can see that the little patties are attached to each other and ripped apart before being put into the bun. Either that or they put everything together as one piece and then rip the burgers apart.

But I digress! As cute/nasty as they look, they do taste pretty good. The meat is on the dry side, which is actually something I appreciate from Jack in the Box seeing as how the last time I ate a double cheeseburger from here I got sick from all the grease. That and the patty has a very interesting and yummy aftertaste. It’s very mildly spicy and the meat is flavorful. As I said, there’s not enough cheese, so the letters will go into the burgers before I reheat them. I just put the broccoli in there to fool you into thinking that this is even remotely healthy.

The words are the lyrics from their new commercial, which has little people riding little horses herding little cows. They sing, “Yippee Ki Yay, Mini Sirloin Burgers…. Yippee Ki Yo, Mini Sirloin Burgers…” It’s like that Filet-O-Fish commercial with the singing fish; I love it!

The funniest part about these burgers for me though, is that they once had a pretty ingenious commercial with mini burgers years and years ago. I remember watching it at my grandma’s house and cracking up laughing with her every time it came on. Basically they show a dollar bill and start talking about competitors that advertise hamburgers for “under a buck” and then the move the dollar away and there’s a little mini burger. That was such a great commercial and I find it hilarious that like fifteen years later, here they are, pitching mini burgers. I love you, Jack! (I collect their antenna balls)

Yesterday the admins in our office were treated to Thai food at Thai Sweet Basil in Manoa Marketplace.

I had the buffet, which was pretty good. The veggies were very tasty, the red curry was very yummy, and the fried chicken was great with the sauce. Plus we got to watch a really kinky, bloody, violent Chinese movie with Zhang Xiyi called The Legend of the Black Scorpion. I’ll have to rent that now since I only got to see like a third of it with no sound. At one point some guy starts going for her boobs and we were like, “WHOA!” which made others at the table be like, “What? What? What?” to which I explained, “He’s taking inventory.” (little admin joke there)