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Lost Bento Recap and Finale Bento

Tonight is the two hour season finale of Lost’s season 5 and I’ll be down at Dave & Busters tonight for KITV’s Lost Viewing Party. I have no idea if any of the cast members will be there, it doesn’t sound like it, but one can dream.

Hatch Bento

If you aren’t sure what this is, I give you until the end of this post to figure it out.

I’ve got a lot of Lost to show today because I’m writing this up for people who are new to my blog and may want to see all my Lost bentos in one post. Today’s bento makes #11. Here are the first 10! Keep in mind that not all of Pikko’s Lost bentos were created equal. In fact, a couple were downright pathetic. Before I start though, I wanted to show my Matthew Fox autograph one more time:

I didn’t meet him at some crowded event, I cornered him alone in a parking lot as he was leaving and got to talk to him a bit. He was nice, which I’m told is uncommon. This incident inspired me to never go anywhere without my camera in my purse.

LOST Bento #1: Help! I LOST My Bento!

This was the first LOST themed bento that I did. It was pretty simple, I just made my lunch like normal and added the number sequence cut out of fish sausage. I tried to go for orchids for the side, but that didn’t work out so good.

LOST Bento #2: I Put the Ben in Bento

This one took me a really long time to do and it’s probably my most popular LOST bento so far. I sent it in to the local ABC station and they put it on in the morning news. My Aunty C sent photos of this one to the LOST crew via a friend and Michael Emerson sent it back to me with lightning speed.

Pure. Freaking. Awesome.

LOST Bento #3: A Shirt for Sawyer

Out of all 11, this is my personal favorite. It was exceptionally difficult given that I had to try making usuyaki tamago (super thin omelet) for the first time and I suck at eggs. If there was Egg Cooking School I’d get put on academic suspension in a week. Plus, cutting out Kate’s face was even harder than Ben. This one appeared on KITV News This Morning as well. Aunty C sent this one to the crew at the same time as the Ben one and it came back a couple weeks later.

MORE Pure. Freaking. Awesome.

LOST Bento #4: 15 Has Landed in My Bento

This one was based on a viral Dharma video on YouTube in which one of the experimental bunnies, #15, did some time traveling and freaked Dr. Chang out of his pants. I probably should have sent this one to KITV, I don’t know why I didn’t.

LOST Bento #5: Smoke Monster Bento

This one is a little obscure. The black blob in the middle is the smoke monster and on the side is the sonic fence keeping him out. The upside down broccoli is a “tree” he yanked out of my little brocco-jungle.

LOST Bento #6: Goodbye, My Baby

I made this one after having a heaving sob fest while watching Kate say goodbye to Aaron. Notice my sucky attempt at a brown omelet comforter?

LOST Bento #7: Four-toed Rice Statue

This was hands down the worst LOST bento in the series. The idea was good, but my implementation was lazy and half-assed. Hopefully I can re-do this one next season when they reveal how the statue went from a gigantic big scary man to a foot. Hopefully we’ll get to see that at the same time we find out the answer to what I assume is another Dharma identification riddle, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?”

LOST Bento #8: Dharma Van Bento

This one didn’t take as long as I had thought it would, which is good. The only problem with it is I didn’t notice they replace the VW logo with a Dharma logo. When I remember, I plan to mail a picture of this to Jorge Garcia since his press address is on his blog and ask for an autograph. KITV News This Morning showed this one too!

LOST Bento #9: Jughead Bento

The Jughead bento is another one I’m not happy with. I should have done a big fat green maki roll instead. Maybe next season!

LOST Bento #10: Dharma Onigiri Bento

I probably could have gotten the logo on straighter, but I went about it the wrong way. People loved it anyway and KITV showed it while telling people about their LOST Viewing Party contest. This prompted me to make e-pretty-please-faces to the guy Ryan Ozawa you see in those videos with Mahealani Richardson and he talked to his contacts at KITV and got me and a guest a pass into their party. As awesome as this is, I can’t find anyone to go with me. Mr. Pikko is watching the kids so that I can go. My cousin Stef has a sick kid. My brother has to work. Boo!!

I totally blew the chance to be an extra by not charging my cell phone. If there is a Korean wedding scene in tonight’s finale and you hear a loud wail coming from Dave & Busters, that’s me.

LOST Bento #11: ??

Do you know it yet? It’s the hatch! Granted, the hatch never had the LOST logo on it but when I was about to print the word QUARANTINE to cut out of nori, I realized that that was on the inside and therefore wouldn’t fit with what I was doing.


This is the hatch that Locke and Boone find way back in season 1 and the one that will no doubt be the center of tonight’s episode, bringing us back full circle. There’s a square onigiri under a square piece of black konyakku. I tasted a little bit of it and found out I detest konyakku, so that’s getting tossed before I eat the rest. It did really well for imitating concrete though! At the top is steamed broccoli, on the right there are carrot sticks, at the bottom are two cream corn croquettes cut in half, on the left are three strawberry halves.

The numbers are cut out of kamaboko.

The parsley was put around the hatch to imitate the brush around what Locke uncovered initially. When I was looking at videos and photos this morning for inspiration I couldn’t help but giggle to myself and think, “Dude, there’s a door to your hatch like right there.” Poor Locke.

Anyway, it’s been a fantastic season and a blast to make (and eat) these bentos. Hopefully next season I get another chance to be an extra and get to meet the cast before they scatter off when the series wraps.