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Cupcake Pops and Frazzled Nerves

I’ve been wanting to do Bakerella’s Cupcake Pops for quite some time now and I finally got my chance to last night. Boy, what an adventure that was. I ended up going to bed at just before 4 AM, which means I’m a zombie today, running on fumes.

Cupcake Pops

Here’s the final batch before I wrapped them up. Let me assure you, these things squeezed every ounce of strength out of me. As usual with me, things never go quite as smoothly as they should.

We got home at around 8 after shopping for ingredients for the cake and dinner. Mr. Pikko bathed them while I started baking the cake, which I now realize I should have done the night before to avoid waiting around for it to cool. After it was in the oven, I was also browning hamburger in two pots for the two trays of lasagna I’d be preparing. While the cake cooled, I added sauce to the meat to let it simmer and then began boiling tons of noodles.

Around this time I brought out my bags of melting chocolate that I’d bought from Price Busters and was astounded to find that I’d mistakenly bought two bags of red melts instead of one red and one brown. I looked at the clock and it was 9:08, therefore Price Busters was closed. ARGH! After Twittering about it a bit, I settled on trying three different combinations of colors for the bottoms and tops.

When the cake was cooler, I crumbled it and mixed in the cream cheese frosting. I rolled the balls, popped them in the freezer, then began to layer the two lasagnas at the same time. When the time came to shape the balls into cupcakes, I found that my flower cookie cutter was a little too big, so I shaped them into cupcakes by hand. I put them back into the fridge and got to work melting the chocolate.

I used the microwave according to the package directions and tried to make pink with red and white wafers, but that didn’t go so well as you can see. It came out to a really dark pink. That was just the least of my problems though, the chocolate didn’t seem to be melting very well. It was a lot thicker than I thought it was supposed to be, which I guess might be because it wasn’t milk chocolate. Anyway, I decided to try to put the bowl of red on 30 seconds of high instead of at 50% power, not realizing that it would overheat the chocolate and cause it to harden. Oops! Thankfully, I’d been a boob and my two bags of red left me with enough to finish the cupcakes with red bottoms.

Cupcake Pops 2

It took a lot of trial and error, but I finally got the hang of the dipping. Bakerella says to dip the sticks in the chocolate before sticking them in and I found out that this is a very important step. The sticks fall out if you don’t do it.  The process was: 1) Take cupcake out of freezer. 2) Dip bottom. 3) Dip lollipop stick in chocolate and insert into cupcake. 4) Let dry. 5) Dip, roll, and spin the top in another color. 6) Add sixlet and sprinkles. 7) Let dry.

Cupcake Pops 3

I got a lot faster at it, though I finished at 2 AM. At this point I was ready to bake the cake, but when I went looking for my The Cake Mix Doctor Cookbook I couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally, after looking everywhere, I decided to bag up the cake pops, which took me 1 1/2 Law & Orders! 🙁

This morning when I went to get the van, the battery was dead, so we ended up late for school. *sigh* I ended up finding the cookbook in the car, jammed up against the front foot area. The plan right now is to bake and decorate the cake while everyone eats dinner. It’s been a long day and hopefully all the snafus are done! Any more and that’ll be it for my already frazzled brain, which is operating on 2 hours of sleep.

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  • aaaleung

    Ok, that sounded too much like me. I wait till the last minute and it doesn’t go as planned. I just threw out 72 hello kitty lollipop cakes which was in my freezer since girls day. Never did finish them. Needed room in the freezer anyway. I will try it one day.

  • They look awesome! I imagine they are also delicious

  • Jennie

    Cute cupcake pops! I know what you mean by trial and error… I tried making those Bakerella cupcake bites for Halloween and the first bag of orange melts… I heated them too high and they burned!! Haha… so I ended up with chocolate colored cupcake bites instead orange ones (I was going to make pumpkins out of them). Oh well still taste great! Baking is fun! Bento-ing is more fun tho. 😛

  • I’ve been following Bakerella ever since she appeared on Martha Stewart and have always admired her cake pops. The problem is that they sound like waaay too much work–even though they’re adorable. Your post has confirmed this for me and justifies my decision to never attempt them =)

  • Even with the snafus, they look great! I can’t wait to try this recipe, actually.

  • Kim

    Wow!! Cupcake pops and lasagna. What time is dinner?
    Those pops look really nice and fancy too. Good job!

  • omg, that’s alot of hard work!!!! but they turned out beautiful!

  • D

    I have the Cake Mix Doctor book on my shelf. Let me know what you need out of it and I’ll get it to you.

    The cupcake pops are adorable! I decorate cakes as a hobby and enjoy seeing what others create, too. Love the bentos! I made a nori-free version of musubi for our road trip this past Saturday and it didn’t turn out too bad. Just wondering what you use to season the rice with. I’ve heard mirin or seasoned rice vinegar but didn’t have a recipe to follow. Just pan sauteed the Spam (used the lite version), made sticky rice (sushi rice) and added some mirin and rice vinegar to it while hot. I wrapped them all in saran wrap once I got them assembled. I didn’t use the nori because I wasn’t sure how to toast it and I am very wary of the fishy taste it sometimes has. Never grew up eating it so it’s still an acquired taste (as liver is to many) and I’ve been trying off and on, just can’t get the right nori brand I think. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated! Mahalo!

  • They may have taken for ever but your cupcake pops turned out incrediable!!!!

  • They really look wonderful and yummy ! I think you did a good job with them :). Miam !

  • Oh my god those look sooooo delicious… =D

  • They look fantastic! You did a wonderful job. I am not so brave.

  • Yvo

    Looks gorgeous anyway! That first pic really wow’ed me, looks like your new cam and you are getting along well 🙂

  • Kashmirkat (Tammy)

    Those look amazing – Not sure I’d ever attempt them though 🙂

  • Kashmirkat (Tammy)

    I just looked at the bakerella ones and I must say, yours look much better! 😀

  • StarsOfCASSiOPEiA

    Aww, I know how you feel about the lack of sleep. T-T It’s the middle of the night where I am now, and obviously I can’t sleep either. *sighs*

    The cupcake pops are a cute idea, I’d love to try them myself! Looks like they gave you a ton of trouble, though. I hope you make up the sleep quickly!

  • Whoa, sounds like a lot of work! You sure are dedicated!

  • Great idea. I am forwarding a link to my wife, she would love something like this.

  • kim

    you cake pops turned out beautiful. i too tried and made some easter egg ones very last minute, and there is definitely a technique to get the melted candy coating on. good job!

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