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Bento Hiatus & AllThingsforSale Winner

Before I get to my excuses for why I haven’t been blogging much, this is the cake I made for Mr. Pikko’s birthday party. I invited Sandman loving friends so that they could fully appreciate the cake and the week it took me to make it! I have a “Making of” post at Learn2Cook for the curious. Neil Gaiman himself tweeted about the cake, which made me incredibly happy.

The Little Endless Cake

My apologies for the long hiatus lately. I’ve been rather burnt out on bentos, blogging, and productive things in general lately, preferring to waste my life watching tv or making spitting noises at all the laundry I have to fold. Cakes have been draining me of general motivation too and I have another one coming up that I started making yesterday in time for June 19’s Game of Thrones finale.

Summer Fun has started for Baby Girl and just like last year, she’s got me making her Easy Mac lunches, though now I limit it to once a week. I’ve managed to add in grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, certain leftovers, and she’s authorized me to make her a cute bento now and then but I haven’t had the energy lately. Living only 7 houses away from the school makes me choose sleeping til 7 AM over getting up to make a complicated lunch. -_-

This is long overdue, but I drew a winner for my AllThingsforSale giveaway. Out of 184 entries the winner is…

All Things for Sale Winner

The winner is Christy Bryan!

Congratulations Christy!!